Graduates of American studies programs pursue a range of careers within and beyond the academy.

The American Studies Association offers Job Listings and Fellowship Opportunities as a benefit to members and others seeking employment and opportunities for which a degree in American studies is either a requirement or a strong asset.

As with other liberal arts degrees (such as history, literature, and political science), a bachelor’s degree in American studies equips a scholar with the critical and creative thinking with which to draw connections and build bridges between diverse aspects of the American experience, past and present. It is a great major for someone who is confident and comfortable with self-directed learning, and for those who are not risk averse. A master’s or doctoral degree in American studies is more often a requirement or strong asset for those seeking careers in college teaching, library science, and the educational field more broadly construed (such as student life and administration). Consequently, the ASA's job and fellowship listings tend to focus on positions—such as postdoctoral and faculty positions—for which a higher degree in American studies is a necessary credential.


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