The following is a registry of completed doctoral dissertations in American studies and American ethnic studies as reported by PhD degree-granting programs in the United States. 

This list is based on requests to American studies and American ethnic studies programs for lists of doctoral dissertations completed between July 1, 2017 and June 30, 2018.  The request was sent to forty-six different universities, some with multiple PhD degree-granting departments in the relevant fields.

The report contains entries whose titles suggest the broad range of topics and diverse methodologies that American studies scholars are exploring.


College of William and Mary (4)

Bold, Janine. "The Art of Plantation Authority: Domestic Portraiture in Colonial Virginia."

Kingan, Renee. "When I Put on My Firespitter Mask: Jayne Cortez's (R)Evolutionary Musical Poetics."

Pratt, David. "The Sacred Ginmill Closes: Heavy Drinking, White Masculinity, and the Hard-Boiled Detective in American Culture."

Standford-McIntyre, Sarah. Refinging the Desert: The Politics of Wealth, Industrialization, and Environmental Risk in the Twentieth-Century Oil Industry.


George Washington University (3)

Mann, Justin. "Dangerous Worlds: Imagining Race and Security after the New World Order."

Pendleton, Kim. "Captivated: Sex Trafficking, U.S. Evangelicals, and the Promise of Rescue."

Schwenkbeck, Rahima. "Doing Business in Utopia: An Analysis of Entrepreneurship in Three Intentional Communities, 1967-1979."


New York University (3)

Bauer, Andrew Joseph. "Before Fair and Balanced: Conservative Media Activism and the Rise of the New Right." 

James Rodriguez, James. "Manhattan Projects: Race, Class, Gentrification, & the Politics of New York City Public Housing Policy." 

Burgees, Marlon. "Pedagogies of the “Formerly” Oppressed: Hip Hop and Critical Education in South African Social Justice Struggles." 


University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa (6)

Bareng, Eriza. "Steeling the Butterfly: The Imperial Constructions of Imelda Marcos." 

Jeanette Hall, Jeanette. "Performances in Swing: A Cultural History of Women Singers of Big Bands, 1930s – 1950s."

Murakami, Bryant. "The Martial Arts and American Popular Culture." 

Nojima, Stacy. "Mixed Race Capital: Cultural Producers and Asian American Mixed Race Identity from the Late Nineteenth to Twentieth Century."

Polovina, Yuka. "Playing the Games: Diasporic Identity, Athletic Entrepeneurialism, and Elodie Li Yuk Lo’s Journey to the Olympics."

Sookkasikon, Pahole. "Bangkok is Burning: Queer Cultural Productions of Thainess in Diaspora."


University of Texas at Austin (2)

Moench, Duncan. "The Anglo-Liberal Society: A Reinterpretation of Louis Hartz and American Nativism."

Roehl, Emily. "Sensing Tough Oil: Aerial Vision, Resource Extraction, and Performing Aesthetic Resistance."


Washington State University  (2)

McNeill, Elizabeth. "Exceptional Popular Neo-Queer Families and Transmasculine Resistance: Envisioning a Queer Future."

Lester Breikss, Selena. "Streaming Empathy: Media Marathoning and the Cisgender Gaze."