The following is a registry of completed doctoral dissertations in American studies and American ethnic studies as reported by PhD degree-granting programs in the United States. 

This list is based on requests to American studies and American ethnic studies programs for lists of doctoral dissertations completed between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.  The request was sent to forty-six different universities, some with multiple PhD degree-granting departments in the relevant fields.

The report contains entries whose titles suggest the broad range of topics and diverse methodologies that American studies scholars are exploring.



Curtis, Erin. “World Donut: Cambodians, Donuts, Los Angeles, 1975-Present.”

Dominguez-Maldonado, Pier. “The Melodramatics Of Queer Race.”   

Matthiesen, Sara. “Reconceived: Women’s Reproduction After Roe v. Wade.”

Rodriguez, Annette. “Recognition Of Social Murder: How Lynching Invented ‘The Mexican.’”     

Sahni, Pia. "Fashioning The Diaspora: Sartorial Racialization In South Asian Popular Culture."  

Salkind, Micah. “’Do You Remember House?’ Memory, Mediation, And Crossover Community-Making In Chicago House Music Culture."                          

Schroeder, Robyn. "Framing Effects: Memory, Territory, and U.S. Constitutionalism, 1835-2015."



Born, George. “Home Rule: The Creation of Local Historic Districts in the New Boston, 1953-1983.”

Daly, Kathleen.  “Fit to Mother: Women, Architecture, and the Performance of Health, 1865-1930.”

Ribera, Robert. “Between Patriotism and Pacifism: Jacob Laurence, John Huston, Bill Mauldin, and Walt Disney.”



Agarwal, Kritika. “Uncertain Citizenship: Race, Empire, and the Denationalization of Asian American in Twentieth-Century United States.”

DiPasquale, Joe. “Resurrecting Christ in Concrete.”

Lefkovitz, Aaron. “Josephine Baker, Billie Holiday, & Ella Fitzgerald’s Transnational Power Compromises, 1906-1996.”

Smith, Stephen. “The Church of England and Slavery.”

Young, Gregory. “The Elephant and the Straw Man; Political Rhetoric, Popular Culture, and the Construction of National Identities in the U.S. and Canada.”



Dees, Sarah. “The Scientific Study of Native American Religions, 1879-1903.”

Ellapen, Jordache. “From Black to Brown: Race, Diaspora, and Post-apartheid in South Africa.”

Gordon, Jeremy. “A Labyrinth of Warriors, Gods, and Monsters: Towards a Mythopoeic Vision of  Combat Trauma.”

Kroupa, Brad. “The Ree-volution Movement: Contemporary Cultural Recovery Among the Arikara Indians.”

Logan, Dana. “Uncivil Rituals: Civil Religion and Democracy in New York City, 1780-1850.”

Pauwels, Erin. “Sarony's Living Pictures: Photography, Performance, and American Art, 1865-1900.”

Rawlins, Justin. “Method Men: Race, Gender, and Performance Style in U.S. Culture 1922-1957.”

Ritsma, Natasha. “The Postwar 'Arts Explosion' in an Age of Mechanical Reproduction: The Production, Distribution and Exhibition of Non-Theatrical Films on Art.”

Stanley, Kimberly. “Pulling Down the House and Tearing Up the Yard: Constructing, Policing, Containing Black Masculinity, 1920-1960.”



Fagan, Kara. "Framing Sport as Art: The Spectacle of Female Athleticism in Classic Hollywood, 1935-1955."

Hodler, Matt. "The Greatest Olympian of All-Time?: The Ideological Implications of Celebrating Michael Phelps."

Joo, Sang Uk. "Consuming Sporting Orientals: Reading Asian American Sport Celebrities."

Mack-Washington, Marta. "From Both Sides of the Plate: Effa Manley and American Constructions of Race and Ethnicity 1900-1948."

Narcotta-Welp, Eileen. "'The Future of Football is Feminine': A Critical Cultural History of the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team."

Sun, Daniel. "Sporting Taiwan: Transnational Athletes in the Age of Neoliberal Imperialisms."

Takacova, Ivana. "Latent TB Positive in the U.S. War on Tuberculosis: Manufacturing the International Student as a Public Health Threat."

Taradash, Dan. "Exodus of Champions: The Great Migration and the Shaping of the Civil Rights Activities of Floyd Patterson, Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier and George Foreman."

Wagner, Allison. "'These Honored Dead': The National Cemetery System and the Politics of Cultural Memory since 1861."

Werhnyak, Larissa. "O, Perjured Lover, Atone! Atone! : A Legal and Cultural History of Breach of Promise to Marry, 1880-1940."



Avivi, Yamil. ”Latino/a Youth Subcultures in Elizabeth, New Jersey, 1980s-1990s.”

Barba, Lloyd. “California’s Cross: A Cultural History of Pentecostalism, Race, and Agriculture.”

Belt, Rabia. “Disabling Democracy in America: Disability, Citizenship, Suffrage, and the Law, 1830-1920.”

Bolton, Sony. “Crip Native Woman: Hispanic American Philippines and the Postcolonial Disability.”

Carr, Jesse. ”States of Exceptionalism: Race, Violence, and Governance.”

Morales, Erik. “Machismo(s): A Cultural History, 1928-1984.”

Reid, Cavar. “Railroading Black Families: African American Men, Family, and Labor in Post-Emancipation Georgia.”

Sung, Wendy. “Sights of Racial Violence: New Media Technologies and Acts of Watching, Memory, and Legitimation.”



Azeb, Sophia. “Another Country: Black Americans, Arab Worlds, 1952-1979.”

Cable, Umayyah. “Cinematic Activism: Film Festivals and the Exhibition of Palestinian Cultural Politics in the United States.”

Cheng, Jih-Fei. “AIDS and its Afterlives: Race, Gender, and the Queer Radical Imagination.”

Hassberg, Analena Hope. “To Survive and Thrive: Food, Justice, and Citified Sovereignty in South L.A.”

Menchaca, Celeste R. “Borderland Visualities: Technologies of Sight and the Production of the Nineteenth-Century U.S.-Mexico Borderlands.”

Siddiqui, Tasneem. “Freedom is a Place: Black Self-Determination in the Low Country & Sea Islands, 1865-1900.”

Williams, Stephanie Sparling. “Speaking Out of Turn: Race, Gender, and Direct Address in American Art Museums.”

Yamazaki, Yushi. “Radical Crossings: From Peasant Rebellions to Internationalist Multiracial Labor Organizing among Japanese Immigrant Communities in Hawaii and California, 1885-1935.”



Bryant, Meghan. “Selling Race in America: Ideologies of Labor, Color, and Social Order in Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Advertising Imagery.”

Doddenhoff, Donna. “Oh Shenandoah! the Northern Shenandoah Valley's Black Borderlanders Make Freedom Work During Virginia's Reconstruction, 1865-1870.”

Kosanovich, Kevin. “Building A Bronx Movement: A History of Hip-Hop Culture, 1951-1984.”

Sasser, Jackson. “Poor and Dead and Much Involved: The Afterlife of Private Debt in Post-Revolutionary Virginia.”