From This Year's Call for Proposals

The theme for the 2019 annual meeting – “Build As We Fight” – seeks to create space for the multiplicity of political critiques, imaginaries, and actions created by Indigenous peoples and communities of color in response to the threats of authoritarianism, genocide, dispossession, and extractive capitalism. What lessons can be learned from Indigenous resurgence, in Hawaiʻi and beyond, to advance transformative change? How can interdisciplinary, intersectional analyses help to dissect this historical moment, while simultaneously envisioning and preparing for alternative futures? How can situated ways of knowing and doing enhance our scholarly research, practice, and accountability to multiple publics? How can we think and act across multiple scales and temporalities: from our programs and departments to higher education writ large, from our local sites of embedded practice to national and global policies and institutions, from the immediate survival struggles of our communities to the protracted form of revolutionary transformation that spans generations?

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