About Annette K. Baxter Travel Grants

The Baxter travel grants provide partial travel reimbursement to student members of the American Studies Association (by the February 1 deadline for submission of proposals) who will travel to the upcoming convention in order to present a paper on the annual meeting program. In 2022, we increased the amount of maximum requests from $300 to $400. The ASA will also reimburse the recipients of the Baxter Grants for their conference registration fee. The ASA is particularly concerned with helping students who have no support for convention attendance from their institutions or other sources, who incur substantial costs for travel to and from the convention, and who have not received travel reimbursement from the ASA in a prior year.

How to Apply

  1. Fill out this Microsoft Form
  2. Upload a single PDF to this Dropbox which includes:
  • Letter of Application,
  • A statement signed by applicant's chair confirming that the applicant is enrolled in a graduate program at the signer's institution,
  • A copy of the applicant's registration receipt (in order to receive reimbursement).

Each letter of application should include a brief statement by the student describing the amount of their request (up to $400) and what university sources of funding, if any, are available; should stipulate that the applicant has no external support for travel to the convention from these or other funds; and should also state the applicant’s paper and session title, as it will appear on the program. 

Application materials should be assembled by the submitter as a single PDF and uploaded to Dropbox by 11:59PM on July 1, 2024.


Annette K. Baxter Student Convention Travel Grants are funded through a program of voluntary contributions. The ASA is committed to a very active solicitation of members’ contributions by a fund-raising campaign designed to underscore the importance of subsidizing and encouraging graduate student participation. Members can do this now by checking a space on the conference registration form or on the dues remittance form to indicate that members have added to their registration or dues payments a tax-deductible contribution to the fund.

The American Studies Association is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization chartered in the District of Columbia eligible to receive tax deductible donations and contributions.