Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching
Course Hero and the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation
April 30, 2018
Post date: April 10, 2018


Great teaching is an essential ingredient in helping students on their path towards graduation and is the foundation of a lifetime of learning. It strikes an intellectual spark that prepares students not only for graduation, but also for engaged, informed, productive citizenship in a rapidly evolving world. Created by Course Hero, an online learning library, and administered by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation, the Course Hero-Woodrow Wilson Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching aims to shape the next generation of college professors to be innovative, effective, and inspiring educators.

The Fellowship

The Course Hero-Woodrow Wilson Fellowship for Excellence in Teaching will support rising stars in the academy who love teaching, demonstrate excellence as educators, and are making their mark as exceptional researchers, poised to shape their fields. Designed for young scholars working towards tenure, the Course Hero-WW Fellowship is a “genius grant” that will emphasize the balance between scholarly excellence and commitment to teaching practice that draws on new approaches to pedagogy, creating a new level of engagement for students in and beyond the classroom. In short, Fellows will be emerging heroes in their fields, on a clear trajectory to become great college educators.

In its inaugural year, the Course Hero-WW Fellowship will identify five outstanding junior faculty members. Fellows will receive a one-year grant of $40,000—approximately $30,000 to support the engagement of a student assistant and the balance to be used for research and travel support.

Exceptional candidates teach in ways that

  • build student confidence and mastery of a subject;
  • encourage critical thinking;
  • explore foundational concepts through the lens of broader themes and global events;
  • promote the power of learning communities beyond the classroom;
  • leverage technology to complement the classroom experience;
  • consider and serve different learning styles;
  • prepare students for lifelong learning; and
  • can serve as replicable teaching models for other educators.

Selection takes place in June 2018. The five Fellows will be invited to attend the Course Hero Education Summit in July 2018, where their Fellowships will be announced.

In addition, all Fellows will have the opportunity to engage and collaborate with Course Hero and its growing community of master educators. Course Hero is partnering with educators to build an online library of course-specific study resources that complement the classroom experience.  Fueled by its global community of over 20 million students and educators, Course Hero helps students quickly find the right study resources for their specific courses — including class notes, 24/7 tutors, study-guides, practice problems, and step-by-step explanations — so they can learn deeply and tackle any assignment or exam with confidence.

Application Instructions 

Job, fellowship, and CFP listings are services that are offered by the American Studies Association to support its members in exploring professional opportunities in American studies. Any questions should be directed to the program, department, or center that has posted the opportunity.