Power: Infrastructure in America
Buell Center for the Study of American Architecture (New York, New York)
Thursday, May 31, 2018

With gratitude for the more than 3,000 visitors to Living in America: Frank Lloyd Wright, Harlem & Modern Housing during the fall, this spring the Buell Center is excited to further develop its ongoing initiative, "Power: Infrastructure in America," with the following research and programs:

  • Infrastructure and Emergency Powers: Building on the 5/12/17 workshop, as well as on work by Graduate Research Assistants Laura Veit and Isaac Warshauer, this spring the Center will continue with its investigations at the intersection of architecture and emergency, with three distinct but related lines of inquiry: 
    • "Austerity, Race, and Emergency Powers," including a 3/22 event in Detroit entitled "Legacies of Emergency Management: Looking Back and Moving Forward" that has been co-organized with Louise Seamster (University of Tennessee, Knoxville) and the Taubman College of Architecture and Urban Planning at the University of Michigan.
    • "Climate, Infrastructure, and Emergency Powers," including a 1:00pm, 4/13 lecture by Pierre Bélanger (Harvard University)
    • "Nationalism, Aesthetics, and Emergency Powers"
  • "Power" Course Development: As part of an expanding effort to encourage innovative course offerings contending with the project's themes, the Center is supporting the development of two seminars for the fall of 2018 by Columbia GSAPP faculty members Tei Carpenter and Mark Wasiuta. In the lead-up to those seminars, Carpenter and Wasiuta are teaching spring design studios on related topics: 
    • "In Excess: By-productivity, Objectsystems and Infrastructural Frontiers for Newtown Creek" — Advanced Studio IV, Critic: Tei Carpenter, featuring a public lecture by Design Earth on 3/7 at 4:00pm in Avery Hall's Wood Auditorium.
    • "Aesthetic States: Architecture, Territory, Nationalism" — Advanced Studio VI, Critic: Mark Wasiuta
  • Paris Prize: This year for the first time, the Center has awarded three prizes to four students at Columbia GSAPP whose fall architectural design studio projects most successfully complied with, interpreted, and/or critically extended the terms and spirit of the 2015 Paris Agreement. Special jury consideration was given to work that combined the social, technical, political, and symbolic implications of the climate accord in an architecturally specific fashion, at multiple scales. Congratulations to the winners: 
    • "Armadillo" by Lizzy Zevallos, Critic: Brandt Knapp
    • "Sharing Economy" by Emily Po & Quentin Yiu, Critic: Galia Solomonoff
    • "Culture Culture" by Christopher Gardner, Critic: David Benjamin

Additionally, if you're planning to be in St. Paul for this year's Society of Architectural Historians Conference, please join us at Herbie's on the Park at 5:00pm on Friday, 4/20to celebrate the launch, with the University of Minnesota Press, of Modernism's Visible Hand: Architecture and Regulation in America, by Michael Osman — the first of the Buell Center Books in the History and Theory of American Architecture.

Please visit the embedded links above for more information; write buellcenter@columbia.edu with any questions; and follow @buellcenter on Twitter for regular updates.

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