New Transnational Latinx Perspectives on Ana Castillo
Friday, July 27, 2018

Edited by Karen Roybal and Bernadine Hernández

This edited collection seeks to demonstrate the theoretical capacity of Castillo’s work and the connections we can make through literature to larger cultural, political, and transnational concerns. We are asking for work that considers the large span and scope of Castillo’s body of work, from her beginning poetry and formidable novel The Mixquiahuala Letters (1986) to her critically acclaimed novel So Far From God (1993) to her raunchy aesthetics in Give It to Me (2014) to finally, her gripping non-fiction piece black dove: mamá, mi'jo, and me (2016) and the work in between. We are asking: What are the connections to be made between Castillo’s work, the U.S. Latinx context, and the larger transnational and global context that considers Latinx bodies and cultures to lay at the margins of the current moment? How does Castillo’s work allow a conversation between Chicana feminists and transnational feminists to emerge? In what ways does Castillo and her themes and language connect her to a larger body of work and in what ways is she solidifying Chicana feminism as a foundational theoretical body of work?

We are seeking critical essays that engage Castillo’s work in a transnational Latinx context. Said differently, we are putting together an edited collection that expands the discussion of Castillo’s work from a Chicana feminist praxis to a global phenomenon. The sections are as follows:

  1. Latinx Letters: Transnational Poetics, Language and Form
  2. So Far from Nation: Borders and Immigration
  3. Give It To The Globe: Considering Gender and Sexuality 
  4. Mamá, Mijxs, and Me: Connecting Chicana Feminism and Transnational Feminism in the Era of Globalization
  5. Teaching and Pedagogy

Themes for consideration: 

  • New Perspectives on Latin America/or the Global
  • Intercultural Relations
  • Colonialism, post-colonialism, and decolonization
  • Mestizaje and settler colonialism
  • Citizenship, nation-building, or border crossing
  • Comparative language, form, and poetics
  • Translation and Language
  • Gender and Sexual Violence
  • Trans identity and sexuality
  • Critical Gender and Sexuality
  • Traversing and transgressing form and genre (experimental) 
  • Mapping place and space

Please submit a 750-word proposal to by July, 27 2018. Final decisions will be made by August 15, 2018. Final essays (of 5000-7000 words including references and notes) are due December 2018.

In your email, please include the section your proposed essay fits in to and also attach a short CV.

For questions, please email

Karen Roybal, Assistant Professor of Southwest Studies, Colorado College

Bernadine Hernández, Assistant Professor of American Literary Studies, University of New Mexico and Visiting Scholar at the Institute of American Cultures, UC Los Angeles

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