Since 1991, the American Studies Association has held reciprocal agreements with numerous international American studies associations that provide for shared membership benefits.

There are currently close to 30 affiliated international associations, primarily located in Europe and some parts of Asia. One of the most sustained collaborations has been with the Japanese Association for American Studies (JAAS).  For over twenty-five years, the Japan-United States Friendship Commission has funded ASA delegates to travel to Japan to collaborate with members of the JAAS in joint research, workshops, and seminars. Many of these exchanges have been facilitated by the ASA’s International Committee, which has also collaborated with the Council for the International Exchange of Scholars.

International collaboration has been a feature of the ASA since at least the late 1940s, beginning with the Salzburg Seminars in American Studies. In the years since, diverse forms of exchange have facilitated a wide range of ideas about the definition and status of the nation within American studies scholarship practiced across the globe, and ASA members have been key participants in these initiatives. More recent examples include the American University of Beirut’s Center for American Studies and Research, which was established in 2003 and is now a leader in the field of transnational American studies and the International Association of Inter-American Studies which promotes interdisciplinary research across the Americas. 


International American Studies Affiliates