Educators' Alliance

The Educators’ Alliance is invested in developing coalitions of American Studies educators across diverse educational settings as a means of amplifying innovative pedagogical work as an intellectual endeavor and generating political action for the benefit of our students and our field. An inter-state alliance of colleagues across institutional settings will help to cultivate collective voice, solidarity, and action within our profession’s increasing vulnerability.

We seek to make the educational aspects of ASA’s mandate more inclusive by better amplifying those who work in the “front line” spaces of our investments: community college educators, graduate student educators, and K-12 teachers – colleagues who are so often invoked in our conversations, but are made invisible in the hierarchies of academia.

The now defunct K-16 Caucus formerly took up the role of safeguarding space for conversations between educators in housed in a range of institutions. “K-16” suggests that education is understood solely through the structures of standardized, compulsory schooling; shifting our name to the “Educators’ Alliance” enables a broader understanding of where and how our pedagogical work occurs. In this way, we aim to make the Caucus a home for scholars, intellectuals, and educators of American Studies working across diverse educational settings.