Definition of a Caucus

Caucuses represent the populist side of the American Studies Association. The caucuses also reflect the ASA’s commitment to diversity and access, as well as the vitality of the field and association. The primary purpose of a caucus should be to offer networking opportunities for its participants. Thus, caucuses should function like discussion groups in MLA and other organizations that are dedicated to a particular subject, topic, or approach.

Caucus Participation

All caucuses must be registered with the ASA to receive association benefits that include: Publishing articles in the ASA Newsletter; building webpages on the ASA homepage; linking to ASA webpages, being listed on the ASA Caucus Page; and sponsoring meetings, receptions, and panels at the Annual Meeting (subject to existing policies and procedures). However, caucuses may not receive funds from the association. Nor are caucuses entitled to slots on the boards, committees, and task forces of the organization.

Caucus Registration

In order to create / register a new caucus, the caucuses must submit a proposal to the Council, including a description, their rationale and purpose, an agenda with their plans and goals, and contact information. This proposal may be submitted to