Caucus Proposals for the Annual Meeting

A caucus is encouraged to submit multiple session proposals for the annual meeting, subject to existing policies and procedures. A caucus should encourage its members to organize and submit multiple panels without all of them necessarily being branded as caucus sponsored.  A caucus may officially sponsor two scholarly sessions and one professional development session at the annual meeting. ASA believes that going beyond the 2/1 allotment of “caucus-sponsored sessions” might exacerbate the boundaries of sub-divisions/specializations vs. encouraging more wide open conversations and broader cross-pollination. A caucus is not entitled to an automatic slot on annual meeting program. A caucus may request accommodations for social and professional space at the annual meeting on a first-come, first served basis, contingent on availability.

Program Committee Caucus Liaison

The president-elect and chairs of the Program Committee shall designate a member of the Program Committee to act as Caucus Liaison. In this role, they will liaise with caucuses, follow the organization of sponsored sessions, track them through the review process, and notify the Caucus Chairs of the acceptance/rejections of sponsored sessions. The Caucus Liaison will also apprise the Program Committee of the sponsored sessions and the strong constituencies they represent.

If none of the caucus-sponsored session proposals are evaluated favorably, the caucus representative(s) should consult with the Caucus Liaison to consider other accepted panels with similar subject matter for possible caucus sponsorship. The 2022 Program Committee’s Caucus Liaison is president-elect Shana L. Redmond.