Caucus on Academic and Community Activism

The Caucus on Academic and Community Activism of the American Studies Association seeks to provide a network and resource exchange for scholars within ASA interested in issues of academic activism and social justice specific to American studies. Realizing that some of this activity already takes place within existing ASA Caucuses and Committees, a central task of the Caucus will be to act as a liaison between many committees and caucuses. Issues to be taken up by the caucus include forms of academic activism within and without the University; work conditions and means of supporting full-time and part-time instructors in American Studies; the extent to which diversity is substantiated by the curricula, agendas, and demographics of institutions and organizations affiliated with the ASA; the relationship between race, gender and sexuality and academic work; prisons, war, imperialism, globalization and their impact on knowledge formation within American Studies. In addition, the Caucus’ mission would foreground issues and concerns relevant to annual meeting host sites.