Rethinking Transgender Scholarship: Critical Trans Organizing in Higher Education
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How does the emergence of critical transgender studies affect the everyday lives of trans students? Following the inauguration of Donald Trump, transgender youth are exceptionally at risk of both epistemic and physical violences throughout the United States. This panel will generate discourse and share research on the contemporary narratives of dissent of young trans people within higher education as it pertains to transgender activism, neoliberalism, and liberation. The four panelists - coming from a variety of backgrounds and geographies as young transgender scholars and activists - will discuss a multifarious topics pertaining to organizing within the academy as it relates to ongoing conflicts within and outside of the trans community. This panel seeks to bridge academic narratives of transness with those of organizing, theory, and dissent.

During this talk format session, we will be asking the following questions within our research:
How do we develop a critical pedagogy of transgender studies?
How do we counteract state violence while also gaining access to appropriate programs and facilities?
What does education look like within transgender liberation?
What is transgender dissent and how is it foundational to our understanding of gender?

If you are interested in being the chair for this panel, please contact Eli Erlick at the email listed below.

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Eli Erlick
Mel Ferrara
Sage Perdue
Harper Rubin
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