Local Spaces, Popular Practices, and Global Media Industries

What is the relationship between commercial media and the spaces carved out by non-commercial expressions and activities—creative, political, and often both? This session seeks to provoke a discussion of the sometimes surprising, but always expanding, relationships between global capital and local practices. Hyper-consolidated, transnational media industries both exploit and provoke everything from political and labor organizing, to creative work in the margins of mass culture, to local struggles that emerge in dialogue with media producers and profiteers, such as the exploitation of current or formerly colonized peoples and sites for media production.

Topics might include, but are not limited to:

·      Intellectual property disputes concerning bottom-up artwork

·      The history and current forms of adult/popular education

·      Relationships between tech/new media and local sites of struggle

·      Transnational media conglomerates and local politics of climate and decolonization

·      Transformative works and cultures

·      Industrial forces and alternative media

·      Labor and abolitionist organizing that interfaces with commercial media

·      Mass cultural textuality in relation to non-commercial practices

As should be clear from this list, we are open to possibly surprising intersections and discussions. We are also open to experimental formats (video conferencing and/or a questions-driven session seem the most likely alternatives to a traditional panel) and contributions from either (or both) creative or movement-based practitioners. We invite you to reach out informally, via email, to tell us about your potential interest. No abstract necessary at this point.

Current contributors: 
Jane Glaubman
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