Hijacked Resistance
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People never stop resisting unfair treatment imposed on them. Sometimes, they struggle single-handedly, while in many cases, their campaigns may be capitalized by a few demagogues with much broader and more ambitious goals that they do not necessarily endorse. In order to magnify their voice, they are consciously or unconsciously recruited to these demagogues' political projects and become their grassroots supporters. They are so captivated by these political projects that they are no longer interested in how to seek justice for themselves. Their struggles are usually hijacked by the demagogues when their voice is always ignored by those people in power or their earlier efforts fail to bring them any desired outcome. My proposed panel will investigate how and why people's resistance to injustice deviates from its original goal. My essay traces how Americans' wishes to ascertain the fate of the soldiers missing in the Korean War were exploited by politicians like Joseph McCarthy and transformed into right-wing propaganda against the Truman and Eisenhower administration. My panel welcomes all papers relevant to resistance in American history that went awry for whatever reasons.

If you are interested in my panel, please send a 250-word abstract and 1-page CV to me, by January 24, 2019.

As I am a 5th-year PhD Candidate and this is the first time I am trying to organize a panel, I appreciate your suggestions to revise my panel description or adapt my panel to your research interests. Thank you very much.

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