The American Studies Association invites individual and institutional members to apply to the ASA Community Partnership Program for grants to support collaborative interdisciplinary community projects utilizing American studies pedagogy, curriculum, research, and other resources.     

The grants support projects developed in collaboration with community-based organizations, school districts, public libraries, local historical societies, community museums, and other non-profit entities. The grants are intended to foster genuine collaborations with community organizations and the constituents they serve to provide new cultural and educational opportunities.


Awards range from $500.00 to $3,000.00. The association gives preference to projects that raise matching funds. Although projects that have previously been awarded grants from the ASA Community Partnership Project may apply, preference will be given to individual and institutional members undertaking new initiatives. The grants are intended for use as “seed” money rather than as an ongoing source of funding.

The association also gives preference to projects:

  • In which there is substantial participant-defined engagement, collaboration, and reciprocity between ASA members and the communities they represent and/or engage. 
  • Demonstrate a collaborative working relationships with local community-based groups or organizations. 
  • Indicate the likelihood of continuation in local program activities beyond the grant period.

Evaluation of proposals will be based on the following objectives:

  • Innovative Projects that develop or expand American studies participation in community projects and activities that provide participants with new or expanded educational and cultural opportunities. Particularly valuable are projects that address any of a wide range of educational and cultural needs (i.e. research, curricular, interpretative, publication, artistic, performance, exhibit issues, etc.). Projects must show coordination with other programs currently providing educational and cultural opportunities to local communities. 
  • Community-Based Research Projects that develop American studies resources and materials for educational and cultural programs and activities. Projects must explain who their audience will be and what will be their specific mechanisms for educating participants (including how access to these groups will be achieved—i.e. if serving a detained population). Projects must clearly demonstrate how American studies practitioners will be involved.
  • Civic Participation Projects that provide training, referral, recruitment, and mentoring for ASA members involved in community-based partnerships to develop local cultural and educational opportunities, resources, and materials. These projects should show how their efforts enhance ongoing cultural and educational programs and/or increase the involvement of the American studies practitioners in relating to local organizations and their constituents.
  • Social Change Projects that increase American studies involvement in establishing, protecting, or expanding the educational and cultural opportunities and rights of local communities. Projects must show specifically how they will accomplish this, including coordination with ongoing efforts. 
  • Recipients of partnership grants must state in all publicity materials that the project is funded in part by the ASA.