The American Studies Association sponsors a range of awards and prizes for scholarship, service, and significant contribution to the public good. All awards reflect the highest regard of the membership, as well as recognition from colleagues of the determination and vision that such work demands. 

Nomnees for awards must be active members of the association. Many awards are selected annually; deadlines for submission vary. Some come with lifetime membership within the association; others come with monetary prizes. Committees and caucuses can inaugurate awards to strengthen and support their respective fields with models of excellence in scholarship and service. 

Learn more by reading about past recipients, and then submit a nomination.


The ASA also offers grants for community partnerships and regional chapter development. The deadline to apply is March 1. 

Need Help?

If you are a current ASA member and are experiencing problems logging in to access the submission form, please visit to reset your password or retrieve your username. You can also contact our dedicated customer representative at or call 1-800-548-1784 (1-410-516-6987 International)