The Dissent Mixtape is a collection of songs compiled based on suggestions made by the ASA's membership. The Program Committee has provided the following rationale for the mixtape, "The Dissent Mixtape acknowledges the key role that music has played in the activation, expression, and affirmation of dissent. It also recognizes music as a pedagogy—i.e., not only the role that formal music education has played in the sustenance of the social hierarchies of the colonial-modern world, but also the inducement to radical sensibilities, queer politics, and alternative social formations that accompany both formal and informal musical training. The form of the mixtape itself—the compilation, the sharing of which is a sign and a producer of intimacy—suggests the life of music in the pedagogies of dissent." 

To access the most complete version of the mixtape, visit the playlist on YouTube. 


An additional version of the mixtape has been compiled and shared on Spotify. To participate in a discussion of music, its relationship to dissent, and the mixtape itself, join us for a special presidential session on Thursday November 9 from 6:00 – 7:45 p.m. at the Hyatt Regency Chicago, Regency B, Ballroom Level West Tower.

Finally, to access the mixtape's "digital notebook," which provides a complete tracklisting and sampled reflections written by ASA members on the reasons behind their selections, click below!