From This Year's Call for Proposals

The theme for the 2018 annual meeting, “States of Emergence,” emphasizes that our sense of crisis must be thought alongside our constant commitment to challenging the calamities that beset us and to producing alternative—indeed better—worlds.
We invite inquiry into the intersecting means of power and critical responses to it. How should we analyze the current state of emergency or crisis?  What are its main features and outcomes? What is its history? How can we understand its transnational dimension and also its geographical specificity? What social forms are emerging in relation to and out of this enlargement of the means of power? What critical and resistant political, cultural and intellectual formations have emerged and are emerging? From which institutional and geographical locations do they arise? What are their histories or genealogies and their strengths and weaknesses? How does conceiving emergence as constitutive to emergency change what the emergency is?

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