At the Early American Matters Caucus’s business meeting at the 2017 annual meeting – Friday morning, November 10 – we’ll come up with topics for two panels to propose (as “Sponsored by the Early American Matters Caucus”) for next November’s meeting in Atlanta.

Meanwhile, here’s an alphabetized list of the 11 early-American-flavored panels on this year’s program: 

“Colloquy with Dana Nelson on Reading the Politics of Participation in the Early U.S. and in the Age of Trump” (Roundtable)

  • Renée Bergland, Simmons College
  • Lorrayne Carroll, University of Southern Maine
  • Robert L. Gunn, University of Texas, El Paso
  • Sandra Gustafson, University of Notre Dame
  • Dennis Moore, Florida State University, Chair
  • Dana D. Nelson, Vanderbilt University, author of Commons Democracy: Reading the Politics of Participation in the Early United States
  • Donald E. Pease, Jr., Dartmouth College
  • Matthew Shaw, University of London

"Dissenting Sciences: Objectivity, Feminist/ Trans Science Studies, and the Multiethnic Resistance"  (Roundtable)

  • Aimee Bahng, Pomona College
  • Mel Chen, University of California, Berkeley
  • Denise Ferreira da Silva, University of British Columbia, Chair
  • Che Gossett, Rutgers University-New Brunswick
  • Britt Rusert, University of Massachusetts Amherst
  • Kyla Schuller, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

  “Early American Pedagogies of Agency, Resistance, and Respectability”

  • Chair and Respondent: Shevaun Watson, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
  • Joanne van der Woude, University of Groningen, "Bernardo de Sahagún’s Colloquios with Aztec Elders: Missionary Pedagogy Meets Indigeneity and Dissent”
  • Hilary E. Wyss, Auburn University, “‘Serving many gods:’ The Eliot Tracts, Indian Confession and the Politics of Dissent”
  • Cassander L. Smith, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, "(Some) Black Lives Matter: Teaching Respectability and Early African American Culture”

 "Forming and Deforming: Affect and the Subject of Early America"

  • Chair: Danielle Skeehan, Oberlin College
  • Benjamin Bascom, Ball State University, "When Hermits Were Queer: Solitary Counterpublics and the Early Republic"
  • Mariah Gruner, Boston University, "Transformative Emulation: Construction and the Display of the Mobile Schoolgirl Self and Sampler"
  • Howard Horwitz, University of Utah, "'The Sensations of the People': Hamilton's Habitual Citizen"
  • Ana Schwartz, University of Pennsylvania, "Feeling Past Politics: Becoming A Person in Puritan Verse"

  "Histories of Sexuality in the Wake of the Postsecular Turn"  (Roundtable)

  • Peter Coviello, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • Greta LaFleur, Yale University
  • Scott Larson, George Washington University
  • Justine Murison, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • Wendy Roberts, SUNY-Albany

 “Impossible Possibilities and Dissenting Narratives of Slavery”

  • Lara Langer Cohen, Swarthmore College
  • P. Gabrielle Foreman, University of Delaware
  • Tony Perry, University of Maryland
  • Myisha Priest, New York University
  • Lisa Ze Winters, Wayne State University

 “Intermediary Interlocutors: Unknowing Race and Sexuality in the Long 19th Century’s Archives”

  • Chair and Respondent: Kyla Wazana Tompkins, Pomona College
  • Christofer A. Rodelo, Harvard University, "Exhibiting Brown: Maximo and Bartola, Archival Lingering, and 19th Century Latinx Performance"
  • Kris Klein Hernandez, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, "Illicit Intimacies at Bagdad: Mexican and African American Archival Longings on the Confederate-Mexico Borderlands"
  • Yuhe Faye Wang, Yale University, "Settled Exclusions: Negotiating Gender, Sexuality, and Chinese Racialization in the Settler Colonial Archive"

 "Interrogating Disability in Early America: Literacies and Pedagogies”

  • Chair: Rebecca M. Rosen, Princeton University
  • Clare Mullaney, University of Pennsylvania, “Whitman’s Waste: Bodies, Bandages, Bedsides and Books”
  • Sari Altschuler, Northeastern University, “Universal Design in Early America, A Digital Project”
  • Amanda Stuckey, The College of William & Mary, “Teaching Reading: The Book, the Body and Nineteenth-Century U.S. Education Reform”
  • Ittai Orr, Yale University, “Robert Montgomery Bird’s Cognitive Diversity Hypothesis”

 “Margaret Fuller’s Politics of Dissent” (Roundtable)

  • Dorri Beam, Syracuse University
  • William Bond, Northeastern University
  • Sonia Di Loreto, University of Torino, Italy, Chair
  • Jonathan D. Fitzgerald, Northeastern University
  • Sarah Payne, Northeastern University

 "Oceanic Practices of Assent and Dissent in Early American Maritime Manuscripts"

  • Chair: Dan Walden, Baylor University
  • Mark B. Kelley, University of California-San Diego, “Affective Assent and Dissent in Age of Sail Shipboard Manuscripts”
  • Matthew Knip, The Graduate Center, CUNY, “Erotic Disidentification in the Journals of Philip C. Van Buskirk, 1851-1870”
  • Kate Wersan, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “Assenting to the Universe at Their ‘Finger Ends”: Learning Timekeeping at Sea, 1770-1850”

 "Proximities of Dissent: Native American and Indigenous Protest Across Time and Place” (Roundtable)

  • Christian Crouch, Bard College
  • Hi’ilei Julia Hobart, Northwestern University
  • Tiya Miles, University of Michigan, Chair
  • Alyssa Mt Pleasant, University at Buffalo (SUNY)
  • Caroline Wigginton, University of Mississippi
  • Kelly Wisecup, Northwestern University
Post date: May 11, 2017

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