CFP: Critical Disability Studies Caucus Sponsored Panel
"Crip Ecologies, Reimagined"

2019 American Studies Association Annual Conference

The ASA Critical Disability Studies Caucus seeks proposals for a sponsored panel on crip ecologies, broadly construed. Papers may address theoretical conceptualizations, lived experiences, or cultural representations of crip ecologies, building on prior evocations of the phrase to mark a queercrip porosity between bodies and environments, including “wanted, unwanted, and even unknowable intimacies with our environments.” To continue a wide-ranging conversation in Critical Disability Studies on the complex relationship between toxicity and health; debility and capacity; humans and non-human or non-organic material; and the simultaneity of ableism, sexism, and racism in the various (in)validating environments of our everyday lives, how might we renegotiate or (nodding to Sami Schalk’s recent work) reimagine disability within increasingly precarious ecologies? Given the at-times bleak picture of crip (and crippling) ecologies drawn by transnational disability materialisms, and in light of the uneven implementation of accommodations required by the Americans with Disabilities Act despite sustained critique of built environments as disabling, how might we--disabled scholars, activists, artists, collectives, and communities--engage this year’s theme of building as we fight? Topics may include:

  • Organizing and Disability Justice
  • Coalitional Ecologies
  • Eco-Crip Theories, Gut Feminisms, Queer Animacies, Speculative Futures
  • Crip Methodologies, Pedagogies and the University
  • (In)accessibility in Academic Ecologies (universities, conferences, job market settings)
  • Toxicity and Embodiment
  • Crip Ecologies and Environmental Justice, or Disaster Capitalism
  • Neuroqueer(ing) Nature
  • Politics of Racial/Crip/Queer/Trans Spaces
  • Navigating (In)validating Environments

Please submit a brief abstract (500 words or less, including references) to Louise Hickman ( and Lisa Johnson ( by the 22nd January 2019.

Post date: January 11, 2019

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