The ASA congratulates its members on receiving 2018 ACLS Fellowships! The full press release and a list of ASA member recipients can be found below.

The American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS) is pleased to announce the 2018 ACLS Fellows. For this competition, ACLS increased the number of awards to 78—the greatest number in the history of the program, which has been supporting scholars across the humanities and humanistic social sciences for more than five decades. The expansion of the program allows ACLS to support fellows who are even more broadly representative of the variety of humanistic scholarship across all fields of study, and who reflect a diverse and inclusive ideal of academic excellence.
Peer reviewers selected the fellows from a pool of nearly 1,150 applicants. Awards range from $40,000 to $70,000, depending on the scholar’s career stage, and support scholars for six to twelve months of full-time research and writing.
“The 2018 ACLS Fellows hail from more than 50 colleges and universities, including several for which this is the first time a member of their faculty has received an ACLS Fellowship,” said Matthew Goldfeder, director of fellowship programs at ACLS. “Fellows were selected for their potential to make an original and significant contribution to knowledge, resulting from research on cultures, texts, and artifacts from antiquity to the present, in contexts around the world.”
The ACLS Fellowship program, the longest-running of our current fellowship and grant programs, is funded by ACLS’s endowment. Institutions and individuals contribute to this program, including The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, the National Endowment for the Humanities, Arcadia Charitable Trust, the Council’s Research University Consortium and college and university Associates, past fellows, and individual friends of ACLS.

ASA Members Named 2018 ACLS Fellows:

Katherine A. Adams (Associate Professor of English, Tulane University) Reconstructing Value: Cotton Culture and Blackness after Emancipation

Daphne Ann Brooks (Professor of African American Studies, American Studies, Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and Theater Studies, Yale University) Nobody or a Nation: Black Women Musicians and the Midcentury Making of Sonic Citizenship

Erin D. Chapman (Associate Professor of History, The George Washington University) The Truth Demands Its Own Equals: The Art and Activism of Lorraine Hansberry

Maria E. Cotera (Associate Professor of American Culture and Women’s Studies, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor) Nuestra Autohistoria: Reflections on the Chicana Archive

Julian Gill-Peterson (Assistant Professor of English, University of Pittsburgh) Gender Underground: A History of Trans DIY

Glenda Goodman (Assistant Professor of Music, University of Pennsylvania) Strategic Sounds: Native American Music in the Era of Colonial Conquest

Rachel Heiman (Associate Professor of Anthropology, The New School) Retrofitting the American Dream: An Ethnography of Suburban Redesign

Hsuan L. Hsu (Professor of English, University of California, Davis) The Smell of Risk: Atmospheric Stratification and the Olfactory Arts

Evelyn Hu-Dehart (Professor of History and American Studies, Brown University) Locating the Trans-Pacific in the Trans-Atlantic: Tracing the Course of the Chinese Diaspora through Spain and the Spanish Empire 
ACLS Centennial Fellow in the Dynamics of Place

Sara E. Johnson (Associate Professor of Literature, University of California, San Diego) Moreau de Saint-Méry: Print Culture, Slavery and the Multilingual American Enlightenment

Dina R. Khoury (Professor of History, The George Washington University) Who is a Migrant Laborer? Documenting Labor Migration in the Persian Gulf

Michael LeMahieu (Associate Professor of English, Clemson University) Post-54: Reconstructing Civil War Memory in American Literature after Brown

Beth Linker (Associate Professor of History and Sociology of Science, University of Pennsylvania) Slouch: The Forgotten History of America's Poor Posture Epidemic

Elizabeth McHenry (Associate Professor of English, New York University) Making Negro Literature: Writing, Literary Practice, and African American Authorship, 1896-1910

Marguerite Nguyen (Assistant Professor of English, Wesleyan University) Refugee Temporality: Narratives of War and Displacement in Asian American New Orleans

Elizabeth Renker (Professor of English, The Ohio State University) Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt: A Biography 
ACLS/Carl and Betty Pforzheimer Fellow

Aaron Sachs (Professor of History, Cornell University) Melville and Mumford; or, the Art of Rediscovery in Traumatic Times

Cecilia M. Tsu (Associate Professor of History, University of California, Davis) Starting Over: Refugee Resettlement in the Reagan Era

Sunny Yang (Assistant Professor of English, University of Houston) Fictions of Territoriality: Legal and Literary Narratives of Race, Geography, and US Empire

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Post date: April 10, 2018

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