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Annual Meeting: Works in Progress 2016

The theme of the 2016 annual meeting is Home/Not Home: Centering American Studies Where We Are.

The American Studies Association invites members to advertise possible sessions for the 2016 annual meeting to be held November 17-20 in Denver, Colorado.  Interested members are invited to examine these abstracts and contact the authors to construct session proposals for the 2016 Annual Meeting. 

These proposed abstracts are an excellent way for both established scholars working in new fields and graduate students seeking panel members to find and network with interested colleagues. 

Proposed topics should include a tentative session title, 200-word description, and proposer’s contact information.  Indicate your due date for receiving an abstract or paper. A staff member will review your submission for missing information prior to posting.

After the suggested topics have been published, individuals can send abstracts or papers to the session organizer who will then be responsible for accepting papers, finding a chair and commentator, and submitting the session for consideration to the Program Committee. In the recent past, the odds of acceptance of a pre-packaged session have been much higher than for acceptance of individual papers, which not only need to pass the test of excellence but also must fit with other individual papers to form a panel with internal coherence.

Pre-proposal networking circumvents this problem.

The session abstracts are posted on the ASA website as a service to the association’s members who are developing panel proposals for the annual meeting.  But this does not imply endorsement of the proposals by the 2016 ASA Program Committee.  In fact, the Program Committee will not have seen the abstracts prior to their publication. 

If you do plan to post a topic abstract please be aware of your responsibility to inform each person who may submit an abstract or paper directly to you, in a timely and collegial manner, whether or not you intend to include his or her abstract in your proposal.  This is important because each person is allowed to make and/or be listed as a participant on only one submission. 

Submit your topic abstract (“work in progress”) using our topics submission form   Please limit your topic abstract to a maximum of 200 words. 

All proposal submitters must be current ASA members (or an affiliated international American studies association) at the time of submission.  Each panel submission should also include a second current ASA member (in addition the panel organizer) at the time of submission. 

All other panelists, including chairs and commentators, must become current individual members of the ASA (or an affiliated international American studies association). All participants must buy *both* a membership and a registration in order to be properly registered for the conference.

WORKS IN PROGRESS 2016 Annual Meeting

Public Art and Memorials: Seeing Home?

Public art and memorials shape how we imagine, interpret, and represent home. As much as public art and memorials reference home as place, idea, and experience, they also rival home leading us to believe public art and memorials are the material imprint of a false consciousness˜anywhere and everywhere but home. By examining historical, cultural, and intellectual dynamics of home, this panel will theorize “home” and its complicated relationship to public art and memorials. In what ways are complex histories of home conveyed and represented in the public sphere? Are there instances when public art has the capacity to remember time, place, and people while also attending to constantly changing audiences? How do public art and memorials located in civic centers and community green spaces envision home whether home is nostalgic, romantic, absent, or even violent? Are public art and memorials in nature preserves/reserves such as national, state, and indigenous parks distinct from urban and suburban sites in their articulation of home? Whether public art and memorials are commissioned and sanctioned by municipalities, governments, or private foundations, cultural and countercultural organizations, or impromptu, this panel encourages a visual studies and art historical conversation querying histories and narratives of home in the public sphere.

If you’re interested in forming a panel, please email John-Michael H. Warner (jwarne26@kent.edu) by Wednesday, January 13th.

International Committee Talkshop: Im/migrant Bodies in A Comparative Context
The International Committee of the American Studies Association seeks potential panelists and a chair for a sponsored panel, Im/migrant Bodies in a Comparative Context. We seek scholars working on migration and refugee studies from any discipline who could contribute to an international and interdisciplinary conversation about migration. If you are interested in participating in this panel, please contact Prof. Jennifer A. Reimer at (Jennifer.Reimer@bilkent.edu.tr) by 1 December 2015.