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ASA Distinguished Speaker’s Bureau

The American Studies Association is pleased to announce the scholars participating in its Distinguished Speaker’s Bureau.

Doctoral Dissertations in American Studies and American Ethnic Studies

The American Studies Association publishes an online registry of American Studies and American Ethnic Studies doctoral dissertation abstracts. The ASA also conducts an annual survey of recent Ph.D. recipients' immediate employment and career plans

American Studies Careers

Careers for people majoring in American Studies vary widely, and ultimately they depend on the interests and goals of the individual student. American Studies Internships will help students prepare for a career using their training in the field.

Doctoral Dissertations in American Studies 2014-2015

International Journals Directory

This website provides scholars with a one-stop shop for the latest research published in American studies journals throughout the world. Organized by the International Initiative of the American Studies Association and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, this site is the outcome of a collaboration between numerous journal editors around the world. http://www.theasa.net/journals/