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Committee Awards and Prizes

The standing committees may propose prizes to be awarded to the constituencies they represent within the American Studies Association. Such prizes may be established subject to the approval of the Council. The sponsoring committee will administer them. The sponsoring committee may raise funds to support the prize. The Association may not fund these prizes except that a standing committee may apply its $1,000 discretionary budget to this end.

The recipients may be included on the ASA electronic press release, to be distributed prior to the annual meeting, in the ASA e-newsletter, and on the committee’s website. The prize lists will be due one month in advance of the annual meeting. The committee prizes should be announced at committee events. Only prizes awarded by an ASA prize committee may be presented at the annual awards ceremony preceding the presidential address at the convention.

Critical Ethnic Studies Prize

The ASA Committee on Critical Ethnic Studies awards the Critical Ethnic Studies Essay Prize each year for the best paper to be presented at the annual meeting that highlights from a global or comparative perspective the power of race/ethnicity to shape the lives of diverse groups of people.

Gloria E. Anzaldua Award for Independent Scholars, Contingent or Community College Faculty

The Committee on Gender and Sexuality Studies awards the Gloria E. Anzaldua Prize to an independent scholar and/or contingent or community college faculty member who demonstrates an affinity with Anzaldua’s oeuvre, vision, or political commitments and who addresses connections among some or all of the following categories:  race, ethnicity, citizenship, class, gender, sexuality, and dis/ability.

Richard A. Yarborough Mentoring Award

The ASA Minority Scholars Committee awards the Richard A. Yarborough Mentoring Award to honor a scholar who, like Richard Yarborough, demonstrates dedication to and excellence in mentoring underrepresented faculty, postdoctoral fellows, and/or college, university or high school students.