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Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies


Safundi -- "S" represents "South Africa," "a" stands for "America," and "fundi" comes from the Xhosa verb, "-funda," which translates as "to read/learn."

Safundi is an online community of scholars, professionals, and others interested in comparing and contrasting the United States of America with the Republic of South Africa.

Our journal, Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies, is the centerpiece of our online community. We believe that analyzing the two countries in a comparative and transnational context enhances our perspective on each, individually. While new comparative research is the focus of the journal, we also publish articles specifically addressing one country, provided the articles are of interest to the comparative scholar. Furthermore, our subject matter is as permeable as any country's border: we will consider research addressing other colonial and postcolonial states in Southern Africa and North America.

Articles that Safundi publishes are academic in nature. Research papers are reviewed as they are submitted. Scholarly essays are welcomed. Any topic may be addressed. We hope to provide our readers with a diverse and insightful collection of articles in each issue.

We publish on a quarterly basis. Our journal is peer-reviewed. Submissions are vetted by the editors-in-chief and the editorial board before they are accepted for publication.

The views expressed in the articles are those of the authors and not of the editors or of Safundi itself.


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January 2005, Issue 17

Sacred History: The Formation of Civil Religions in South Africa and the American South in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

The author comparatively examines South African and American historical literature that focuses on the formation of a "civil religion," a synthesis of cultural inheritance and religious ideology that informed both societies as they made their way into the future. The forging of new national or regional identities was a process catalyzed by conflict and synthesizing history and religion in a way that would ultimately shape the formation of racial segregation in both societies.

Choosing the Wings on Which One Soars: "Comparison, Historiography, and the New South Africa: A Response to Lewis V. Baldwin's ""Soaring on the Wings of Pride"""

The author responds and offers a critique of Lewis V. Baldwin's article in Issue 16 of Safundi, "Soaring on the Wings of Pride: Martin Luther King Jr. and the 'New' South Africa." The author questions the continued relevance of the United States' civil rights history to South Africa today, that the article "tends to overemphasize the importance of the American racist past for South Africans."

A Road-Trip Documentary Without a Map: Story of a Beautiful Country. Directed by Khalo Matabane, 2004. Distributed by First Run-Icarus Films.

The author reviews Story of a Beautiful Country, a documentary of a road-trip across South Africa with the object of meeting "ordinary" South Africans and hearing about their feelings and impressions of their "new" country.

Potholes in The Road: South African Democracy Education Trust. The Road to Democracy in South Africa, Volume 1 (1960-1970). Zebra Press, 2004. ISBN 1868729060.

The author reviews the South African Democracy Education Trust's The Road to Democracy in South Africa, Volume 1 (1960-1970).

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