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Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies


Safundi -- "S" represents "South Africa," "a" stands for "America," and "fundi" comes from the Xhosa verb, "-funda," which translates as "to read/learn."

Safundi is an online community of scholars, professionals, and others interested in comparing and contrasting the United States of America with the Republic of South Africa.

Our journal, Safundi: The Journal of South African and American Studies, is the centerpiece of our online community. We believe that analyzing the two countries in a comparative and transnational context enhances our perspective on each, individually. While new comparative research is the focus of the journal, we also publish articles specifically addressing one country, provided the articles are of interest to the comparative scholar. Furthermore, our subject matter is as permeable as any country's border: we will consider research addressing other colonial and postcolonial states in Southern Africa and North America.

Articles that Safundi publishes are academic in nature. Research papers are reviewed as they are submitted. Scholarly essays are welcomed. Any topic may be addressed. We hope to provide our readers with a diverse and insightful collection of articles in each issue.

We publish on a quarterly basis. Our journal is peer-reviewed. Submissions are vetted by the editors-in-chief and the editorial board before they are accepted for publication.

The views expressed in the articles are those of the authors and not of the editors or of Safundi itself.


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July 2004, Issue 15

Soaring on the Wings of Pride: “Martin Luther King Jr. and the ““New”” South Africa”

This essay treats the meaning and significance of Martin Luther King Jr.'s life and message for South Africans over the last decade and in the future. Attempts are made to relate King to questions concerning South Africa's Government of National Unity, to underscore his significance for the mounting crusade for gender equality, to explore his meaning for South Africa during the administrations of Presidents Nelson Mandela and Thabo Mbeki, and to explain how his ideas can influence South Africa's continuing transformation in the twenty-first century.

"Classifying 'Race' and 'Whitening' the Nation": Suggestions Towards Comparative Reading of South Africa and Brazil

This paper discusses the study of South Africa in Brazil and vice-versa, and then offers points of comparison and unifying themes for the future comparative study of the two countries.

Classificando �Ra�as� e �Branqueando� a Na��o: "Sugest�es Para uma Leitura Comparativa da �frica do Sul e do Brasil"

This paper discusses the study of South Africa in Brazil and vice-versa, and then offers points of comparison and unifying themes for the future comparative study of the two countries.

Power Rarely Fails: A Concluding Discussion with Noam Chomsky

This interview transcript is the second and concluding part of Safundi Contributing Editor Christopher J. Lee's interview with Professor Noam Chomsky on March 9, 2004.

“South Africa’s Vietnam?”: Literary History and Cultural Memory of the Border War

The author presents his argument that the Vietnam War provided a framework for imagining the Border War, and he proposes to make his case by examining themes which resonate in the literature of both wars.

Latitudes and Longitudes: Comparative Perspectives on Cape Environmental History

This essay reviews connections between the environmental history of the Cape and similar cases along lines of latitude and longitude. It draws on many historical works, some explicitly comparative, some showing common processes in global or regional history, and some strictly local studies. More than offering a comprehensive survey of world, African, or Cape environmental history, it probes points of comparison and examines the links between the environmental history of the Cape and, on the one hand, settler societies in temperate zones and, on the other hand, tropical Africa.

One Struggle: Legitimating Anti-Apartheid Discourse: Nesbitt, Francis Njubi. Race for Sanctions: African Americans Against Apartheid, 1946-1994. Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2004.

The author evaluates Francis Nesbitt's (2004) book, Race for Sanctions, an analysis of African-American led anti-apartheid activism in the United States from 1946 to 1994.

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