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This page lists articles highlighted by our editors as noteworthy contributions to their particular issues. This gives each website visitor a brief sampling of the latest strong scholarship in American studies from around the world.

The Confession of an Uncontrived Sinner: Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell-Tale Heart"

By Małgorzata Grzegorzewska
Polish Journal for American Studies

Brilliant phenomenological analysis of the ticking sound in Poe’s story.

The Problems of Environmental Criticism: An Interview with Lawrence Buell

By Julia Fiedorczuk
Polish Journal for American Studies

An interview with Lawrence Buell on environmental criticism.

The  Colonial  American  Working  Wife  and  Her  Dear  and  Loving  Husband   Absent  upon  Some  Public  Employment:  Deborah  and  Benjamin  Franklin's   Married  Life

By Bożenna Chylińska
Polish Journal for American Studies

The article attempts to examine and evaluate Mrs. Franklin’s immeasurable contribution to the Franklin household and business, which enabled Benjamin to act on the international arena and indulge in the frivolities of the contemporary high life, against his egalitarian declarations.

Emily Dickinson as a Regionalist: New England and Other Angles of Vision

By Barton St. Armand
Polish Journal for American Studies

Analysis of regional themes, intertexts from popular poetry, and Dickinson’s representation of locality and identity.

"Nobody Knows Where Aztlan Is": An Interview with Daniel Chacon

By Jadwiga Maszewska
Polish Journal for American Studies