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Rethinking the History of the American Revolution

By Irmina Wawrzyczek
Polish Journal for American Studies

Michal Jan Rozbicki (b. 1946) is currently Professor of History at Saint Louis University and Director of the SLU Center for Intercultural Studies, which he founded in 2011. To the middle generation of Polish Americanists he is better remembered as the Director of the American Studies Center at the University of Warsaw, 1987-1990, Managing Editor of the Center’s periodical American Studies (now The Americanist) in the years 1985-1994, and a co-founder of the Polish Association for American Studies in 1990.

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03.16.11: JTAS 3 is now online
Journal of Transnational American Studies

The Editors of the Journal of Transnational American Studies, a peer-reviewed online, open-access journal published by the American Cultures and Global Contexts Center at the University of California-Santa Barbara and the Program in American Studies at Stanford University, are pleased to announce the publication of the journal’s latest issue.

The journal may be accessed without charge at http://escholarship.org/uc/acgcc_jtas.

With contributions from scholars based in Canada, China and Hong Kong, Germany, the Netherlands, Romania, and all over the United States, JTAS 3 features a symposium by prominent European scholars of American Studies on citizenship and cosmopolitanism, selections from a study on the literature of the field in American history in China as well as the reprint of a particularly timely piece, considering the recent nuclear leak in Japan, on “Memories, Ghosts and Scars: Architecture and Trauma in New York and Hiroshima.”

In addition to new articles that examine questions in American Studies as the field intersects productively and problematically with other national cultures, societies, politics, and histories, the journal contains excerpts from newly published books in transnational American studies (in the Forward section),  and select re-publication of significant contributions to the field (in the Reprise section).

JTAS welcomes submissions of articles and proposals for special forums.  Please consult the Call for Papers section of our website for details: