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Arab-American Literature: Origins and Developments

By Lisa Suhair Majaj
American Studies Journal

Although Arab-American literature has been in existence in the U.S. for over a century, it has only recently begun to be recognized as part of the ethnic landscape of literary America. However, the last two decades have seen a dramatic increase in publication by Arab-American writers. This literary burgeoning reflects in part the shifting historical, social, and political contexts that have pushed Arab-Americans to the foreground, creating both new spaces for their voices and new urgencies of expression, as well as the flourishing creativity of these writers.

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Symposium: Redefinitions of Citizenship and Revisions of Cosmopolitanism—Transnational Perspectives

By Lenz, Günter H.; Kroes, Rob; Kunow, Rüdiger; Hornung, Alfred; Boelhower, William
Journal of Transnational American Studies

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