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Awakening the Sleeping Giant: a Short History of Hispanics Organizations in California

By Anna Bartnik
Ad Americam: Journal of American Studies

“Almost a Western”: The Deep South as the Mythic West in William Gay’s The Long Home

By Thomas Ærvold Bjerre
Moravian Journal of Literature and Film

The essay outlines the workings of the Frontier Myth and shows how it has influenced contemporary southern writers, in this case the Tennessee writer William Gay. Gay is widely regarded as a southern writer, but in his debut novel The Long Home (1999) he draws heavily on traits from the American western. The essay discusses how elements of the Western myth fuse with characteristics of the southern Agrarian tradition. The western elements can be found in Gay’s depiction of landscape and characters, as well as in the larger thematic oppositions of civilization and wilderness. Ultimately, Gay succeeds in fusing the literary traditions of the South with the literary and filmic conventions of the popular western, thereby expanding the range of southern fiction.

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