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New Uses for Old Photos:  Renovating FSA Photographs in World War II Posters

By David A. Gray
American Studies

The Genealogy of Childhood in Joy Kogawa’s Obasan

By Li-chung Yang
REAL: Review of English and American Literature [Yingmei wenxue pinglun]

    Joy Kogawa’s Obasan, now a highly acclaimed literary text of the uprooting of the Japanese Canadians during the Second World War, is interspersed with the narrator’s childhood memories and presented significantly through the point of view of the child narrator. This paper aims at reading Obasan in the cultural and historical matrix of North American ethnic literature by taking Kogawa’s negotiation between fictional childhood and official history as its major issue. It explores how the childhood memories are deeply implicated in the fluctuations of history, and how the idea of the child makes speakable personal trauma of the internment experiences, and activates, in Michel Foucault’s words, forms of “counter-memory” in Kogawa’s writing.

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