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“A Movable Feast:” Life Writings/Narrations in Monique Truong’s The Book of Salt

By Jade Tsui-yu Lee
REAL: Review of English and American Literature [Yingmei wenxue pinglun]

Departing from the discussion of generic connotations of autobiography and autoethnography, the paper examines the novel’s intertexuality of multiple life writings and narrations and explores how the characters shape their life experiences and negotiate with foreign cultures, by bodily and sensory experiences, if not by language.

Amazing Acrobatics of Language: The Theatre of Yussef El Guindi

By Anneka Esch-van Kan
American Studies Journal

Despite the importance of minority rights movements and literatures of migration within the last century’s history of the humanities, no light has been shed so far on the life and arts of Arab Americans. While there is a tradition of Arab American writers and poets, it is often claimed that ‘Arab American Theatre’ was born on September 11. This article will start from general reflections on the development and forms of Arab American theatre in the United States and will in its main body concentrate on the works of Egyptian-born playwright Yussef El Guindi.

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