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Administering the Community Pages

Administrators of the many community pages on this site have three primary responsibilities: controlling group membership, moderating the group’s blog entries, and adding new content pages.

1. Controlling group membership.

Any current ASA member can claim membership in a group.  When someone does, you will receive an email alerting you to the new member.  At this point, you can come to the site and remove them, if they are not yet a member, or do nothing, and they will be able to participate in your group.

To remove a person from your group, come to your group’s home page, and look in the right hand column.  If you are logged in, there will be box that says “Admin Tools”.  This appears only to Administrators. In it, there will be a list of your group’s members, with checkboxes beside each one.  Uncheck the box beside a name to remove that person, and click the bottom button, which says “clear unchecked members from the list”.

You can also control who is an administrator for your group—however, you can only remove administrators, you can’t add administrators because that ability is only given to site administrators.

2. Moderating group blog entries.

Any member of a group can contribute to that group’s blog. Blog entries will appear automatically on the group’s home page, newest first.

Members can edit their own blog entries by going to the published entry and clicking “Edit this?” link. Only an entry’s author can edit it—no one else can.

Administrators can delete an entry by going to that entry and clicking the “Delete” button. Only an administrator can delete an entry.

3. Adding new content pages.

A group administrator can add a new page to his or her group by clicking the link in the Admin Tools menu on the right side of the page.

Adding a page is as easy as clicking the “add a page” link in that menu.  Fill out the fields on the “Add a Page” form and click submit.

Creating a page only adds it to the system.  It does not create a link to it from anywhere.  So, once you’ve made a page, you probably want to add a link to it from the group’s navigation, or from the group’s main page.  Depending on the content, you may also want to mention it from the group’s blog.

Page URLs usually follow the format:

For example:

Admins can edit any page by going to that page and clicking the “Edit This” link.

4. Adding events.

Group administrators and members can add events to the group and site calendar using the event link in the Member Tools box on the right-hand side of group pages.

Please note that once an event is added, it cannot be edited, except by a site administrator. If you need to make changes to an event you have added to the calendar, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and include the URL of your event, as well as the corrections needed.