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Kinsey, Joni L. "Creating a Sense of Place: Thomas Moran and the Surveying of the American West," Washington State University, May 1989.

This study explores the art, experiences, and relationships of landscape painter Thomas Moran (1837-1926) in the context of his expeditions with the U. S. Geological Surveys. Moran participated in three of these: Yellowstone in 1871, the Grand Canyon in 1873, and Colorado in 1874. The work he produced from the trips not only became the foundation of the rest of his artistic career. It formed an important visual archive that provides a special sense of Moran’s place and time in the context of a number of contemporary events: the formation of the first national park, the development of the western railroad system, the rise of the publishing industry, health reform movements, tourism and commercialism in the West, and collaboration of government and private corporations.