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Join an ASA Community

Make your voice heard by participating online in any ASA community you are a part of, from a chapter to a project. This is your space to communicate with your fellow members. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Use the Communities navigation tab to jump to any of the main Communities pages: Chapters, Caucuses, Committees, Projects.
  2. Find the chapter, caucus, committee or project that you are part of and click to that group’s page.
  3. Use the Member Tools box on the right side of the page to join the group. This will give you the ability to add posts to the community blog and submit events to the community calendar.

That’s it! You might find it useful to know that each community group has an group administrator, who is in charge of text on the community page, and the items available in the navigation. If you have ideas for new pages in your community group, let the administrator know! Also, the administrator is in charge of making sure the group members reflect the actual membership of the group—so if you join a group where you don’t really belong, the administrator will remove you.

When you stop being a member of a community group, you can remove yourself from the community web page by using the same Member Tools box you used to join.

Don’t forget the Member Directory! In this space you can share information with the other members of the ASA. This area isn’t open to the public, so only your fellow ASA members will be able to see what you put in your profile. Use the Member Directory to find other members and get in touch with them, too.