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Resources for Program Development, Administration & Assessment

The resources listed here for program development, administration, and assessment have been provided by various ASA members. We welcome and encourage submissions to this page, which will be reviewed and posted by the list administrators.  Each category below has a submit function inside of it. If you wish to add your material to this site simply select the appropriate category, fill out the submission form and send it along.


We hope you find this information useful and we welcome suggestions for additional categories or other types of potential resources that can be posted and shared.

i. International Collaborations

Here you will find examples of partnerships and collaborations that cross national borders and structures.

ii. Program Assessment

Here you will find materials that directors and institutions have created/used to assist them in their work to assess and demonstrate outcomes at the program level. Some speak to regional or national accreditation concerns while others refer to institutional assessment initiatives.

iii. Administrative and Financial Matters

These materials showcase a wide range of concerns related to the day-to-day management of a program or center.

iv. Tenure and Promotion

Whether you are seeking tenure or promotion or you are heading a committee, these resources can help you develop protocols or approaches.

v. Program Models

Here you will find models for the following types of American Studies Programs: Minors, Concentrations, Bachelor, M.A., Ph.D.

These reflect programs of study at many different types of institutions in many countries.

Guide for Reviewing American Studies Departments and Programs