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Minority Scholars Committee

Richard A. Yarborough Mentoring Award 2016

The Minority Scholars’ Committee of the American Studies Association invites nominations for the Richard A. Yarborough Mentoring Award. The prize was established in 2012, and will honor a scholar who, like Richard Yarborough, demonstrates dedication to and excellence in mentoring. The winner will be announced at the Mentoring Breakfast of the Minority Scholars’ Committee during the annual meeting of the association to be held November 16-20, 2016, in Denver, CO.

Nominations will be considered “active” for three years, including the year of initial submission.  Those submitting nominations are welcome to send updated or additional information every year during that time, to supplement the original nomination packet.  Any supplements must be received by the deadline for submission of nominations of any given year.

Nomination materials should include:

1. A letter of nomination (no longer than 5 single-spaced pages) describing the nominee’s achievements in mentoring underrepresented students and faculty working in the field of American studies, broadly construed. This statement should include his or her contributions to locally (at their home institution), nationally, and internationally. This statement might also address the nominee’s scholarly contributions, as well as the impact of the nominee’s research on the careers of underserved and underrepresented publics.

2. Supporting letters from collaborators, colleagues, postdoctoral fellows, undergraduate and graduate students mentored. Although these letters can be individually authored, nominators are urged to solicit a smaller set of collectively authored letters with multiple signatories.

3. The nominee’s c.v.

4. URLs for any relevant websites.

Submitted materials should be representative, rather than exhaustive; the committee strongly encourages that longer documents be excerpted or summarized. Total materials submitted should not exceed 25 pages. For more information, potential nominators may contact the committee chair, Mishuana Goeman [goeman@gender.ucla.edu].

One set of nominating materials must be submitted to the MSC committee no later than March 15, 2016.

All nominating materials should be assembled by the submitter(s) and submitted to the prize committee electronically in the form of a single PDF via the online submission form:  Yarborough Prize Nominations  You may also ship the nominating materials PDF via Dropbox to (.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).

The inaugural award was presented to Richard Yarborough, Professor of English at UCLA, a former ASA National Council member, and one of the founders of the Minority Scholars’ Committee, at the 2012 Minority Scholars’ Breakfast in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  The 2013 award was presented to Professor Paul Spickard of the University of California, Santa Barbara, at the Annual Meeting in Washington, DC.  In 2014, the Minority Scholars Committee posthumously awarded the Richard A. Yarborough Mentoring Award to Professor José Esteban Muñoz of New York University, at the Annual Meeting in Los Angeles, California.  Professor Mark Anthony Neal of Duke University was the 2015 recipient of this award, presented to him at the Annual Meeting in Toronto, Canada.

By Kandice Chuh, Mon, February 08, 2016 - 1:48 pm

Minority Scholars Breakfast

Please join us for breakfast in Los Angeles, CA as we present our third annual Richard A. Yarborough Mentoring Award posthumously to ASA Program Committee co-chair, José E. Muñoz. The Minority Scholars’ Committee (MSC) Mentoring Award was named in honor of Professor Richard Yarborough (UCLA) in recognition of his extraordinary efforts as founder of the MSC, and as an exemplary mentor and colleague who helped countless students and junior faculty achieve their full academic potential.

The breakfast will be held on Saturday, November 8, 8:00 am - 10:00 am, in the Avalon Room (L3) at the Westin Bonaventure.  We invite all minority students and faculty, and their allies, to celebrate Dr. Muñoz, make new friends, and consolidate existing mentoring networks.  For reservations: click here.

At the breakfast, we will also recognize the winner of the newly inaugurated Minority and Indigenous Student Travel Award, a collaborative effort between the MSC and the ASA’s Ethnic Studies Committee.  Please come and share this opportunity to honor and practice mentorship and build community.
The ASA Minority Scholars Committee will offer the roundtable sessions: Session I: Race, Indigeneity, and Structures of Work: Issues of Joint and Contingent Appointments and Race, Indigeneity and Session II: Race, Indigeneity, Structures of Work: Teaching Indigenous Studies and Working in Settler Colonial Contexts. These sessions will continue the committee’s work of attending to the particular conditions of work in the academy for scholar-teachers of color, and thinking through the conditions of possibility for historically underrepresented students and faculty generally, as well as for politically-engaged academics broadly. Kindly consult the program for details.
The MSC welcomes ideas for future panels and suggestions for other work we might undertake.  Please feel free to write to the MSC chair, Treva Lindsey at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). with suggestions.

By Kandice Chuh, Thu, October 02, 2014 - 6:50 pm

Main issues affecting minority scholars?

Okay, I’ll be the first. Since I’m new to this venue, and would like to participate, I am wondering what this forum believes to be the main issues affecting minority scholars? And are these different from issues in the past few years?

By Nirmal Trivedi, Tue, August 07, 2007 - 11:10 am
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