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Critical Ethnic Studies Committee

The association shall have as one of its standing committees the Committee on Critical Ethnic Studies. The Committee on Critical Ethnic Studies shall have as its function to keep the Council and the association’s membership informed of the current activities, interests, and professional concerns affecting Ethnic Studies programs, departments, and scholars; to act as a liaison among association standing committees; to be responsible for liaison with other ethnic studies organizations, and to have responsibility for special tasks involving Ethnic Studies scholars and scholarship. The Committee on Critical Ethnic Studies shall be composed of six members of the association named by the Executive Committee with the approval of the Council, following an open call to the membership for self-nominations and suggestions. Each of these six members shall serve three-year, non-renewable, staggered terms. The chair of the Committee on Critical Ethnic Studies shall be named from the committee’s membership by the Executive Committee with the approval of the Council and shall serve a single term not to exceed three years.


Chair: Ralina L. Joseph, University of Washington (2018)
Jodi Kim, University of California, Riverside (2016)
Kirstie Dorr, University of California, San Diego (2016)
Ronak Kapadia, University of Illinois, Chicago (2018)
Audra Simpson, Columbia University (2017)
David K. Yoo, University of California, Los Angeles (2017)
Manu Vimalassery, Barnard College (2018)
Councilor: Jodi Byrd, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (2017)

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ASA Minority and Indigenous Graduate Student Travel Grant

This award will provide travel reimbursement of $500 to an advanced graduate student who is a member of the ASA and plans to attend the 2016 convention in order to present a paper related to critical ethnic and/or indigenous studies. Graduate students who have no support for convention attendance and are members of an under-represented group are particularly encouraged to apply.

The application should have two parts:  (1) a cover letter of no more than two pages that includes a brief autobiographical description, the title of the applicant’s paper and the session to which it belongs, and confirmation that the applicant will not receive any other financial support from his/her/their institution; and (2) a curriculum vitae.  Please send your application by Wednesday, September 14 to Ralina Joseph, chair of the critical ethnic studies committee, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

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ASA Critical Ethnic Studies Prize

The American Studies Association’s Committee on Critical Ethnic Studies calls for submissions for the 2016 Critical Ethnic Studies Prize, awarded to a participant in the annual meeting of the American Studies Association. Any paper given at the meeting is eligible for consideration, provided that it does not exceed 15 pages, including the notes. The paper should be a work-in-progress.  The author of the winning paper will receive a $500 award at the annual meeting to be held November 17-20 in Denver, Colorado.

Relevant submissions will contrast or connect the process of race-making or the experiences of racialized communities with similar processes or experiences inside or outside the United States. All essays must focus on the power of race/ethnicity to shape the lives of diverse groups of people.

Papers should be submitted electronically by Wednesday, September 14 to Ralina Joseph, chair of the c ommittee, at: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).  Late submissions will not be accepted.

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