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Southern Chapter

tick tock!, as in SUBMIT NOW : )

Gentle reminder to our friends far and wide:  deadline for submitting proposals to be part of SASA’s next big biennial conference—next February 19-22 in midtown Atlanta—is around the corner, as in Friday, September 12!  Our website, http://www.southernamericanstudiesassociation.org, has info about our focus, ‘RECONSTRUCTION—1865—1965—2015,’ plus plenty of ideas for topics. Here, in the spirit of lagniappe, is another: Sister Rosetta Tharp would’ve turned 100 next March(!), R.I.P., so get those thinking caps on and get those proposals on their way!  Looking forward, Dennis Moore, recovering SASA prez, on behalf of our current president, Professor Krystyn Moon

By Dennis Moore, Wed, August 27, 2014 - 4:39 pm

check out our CFP for our Feb ‘015 biennial, at the Atlanta Westin Hotel

Good morning. Krystyn Moon, who manages SASA’s website (and who’ll be our next prez!), has posted the Call For Participants for SASA’s next biennial conference—next February 19-22 at the Atlanta Westin Hotel—at http://www.southernamericanstudiesassociation.org.  As you’ll see, deadline for proposing a paper or a panel is September 14.

Rebecca Hill of Kennesaw State University, who’s organizing the conference, heartily encourages presentations, workshops, roundtables, and performance pieces that address the theme of Reconstruction, broadly conceived—and, as ever, SASA welcomes proposals on other topics that reflect the richness of American Studies.

As ever, we also welcome participation by graduate students and remind everyone that details about our Critoph Prize are at our website, along with links to our recent biennial conferences.  There’s also our Facebook site, so Like us—and mark your calendars now to be part of another exciting conference next February in warm Atlanta!  Looking forward, Dennis Moore

By Dennis Moore, Mon, March 17, 2014 - 7:50 am

February 19-22 ‘015: SASA’ll be back in Atlanta

The Atlanta Westin Hotel will be the venue for the next biennial conference staged by A.S.A.‘s southern-regional chapter, next February 19 - 22:  “Reconstruction: 2015 - 1965 - 1865.”  Host Rebecca Hill of Kennesaw State University is encouraging presentations, workshops, roundtables, and performance pieces that address the theme of Reconstruction, broadly conceived, and as ever SASA also welcomes proposals on other topics that reflect the richness of American Studies.  We’ll list sample topics and the early-September 2014 deadline for proposals at our website, http://www.southernamericanstudiesassociation.org, which also has links to info about our recent biennial conferences and about the Critoph Prize, an award for the best graduate student paper presented at each biennial SASA conference. Don’t forget our Facebook page, where we hope you’ll Like us.—Dennis Moore, recovering SASA president

By Dennis Moore, Wed, March 12, 2014 - 11:04 am

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