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Southern Chapter

Community Blog: News

CRITOPH PRIZE entries are due by noon EST next Thursday, February 17

CRITOPH PRIZE entries are due by noon next Thursday, February 17!  Details abound at the way spiffy SASA website, http://www.cas.gsu.edu/sasa/, where clicking on “2011 CONFERENCE” will take you right to a page that has info on this Prize For Best Paper By A Grad Student At The Biennial Conference.  That info includes these lines:

In 2011 the winner is . . .
TBA. Each graduate student who is presenting
a paper at our next biennial conference may
enter on-line, like so:
   sending the completed paper as a pdf
   attached to an e-mail addressed to
   .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

, by noon
   EST on Thursday, February 17, i.e.,
   the first day of our Atlanta conference

Looking forward, y’all, looking forward,

—Dennis Moore

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entering graduate-student papers ON-LINE for next Critoph Prize!

Here’s the special e-mail address for on-line entries in this year’s CRITOPH PRIZE competition—

  .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

—and here’s the deal:  rather than having to lug four hard copies of one’s paper to Fairfax and hand them over, there, graduate students who are presenting papers at the February 12-14 ‘009 SASA conference can—and should!—submit them on-line, via the e-mail address that appears above.

  Graduate students who’ll be giving a paper at SASA: you know who you are!, and now you know to submit your paper, on-line, by noon the first day of the conference, i.e., by noon Thursday, February 12.

  For everyone else reading this reminder: hmmmmm, isn’t there a graduate student you know and/or work with whom you might remind to Submit Now?

  Safe travels to us all,

—Dennis Moore
  Chair, SASA’s CritophPrize.comm

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check out SASA’s brand-new website

URL for Southern ASA’s brand-new website is http://sasa.gmu.edu

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Critoph Prize winner and runner-up AND our first-ever Graduate Student Travel Awards

announcing winner and runner-up for SASA’s ‘007 Critoph Prize AND recipients of our first-ever Graduate Student Travel Awards

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Update on our prize for best paper by a graduate student at our biennial conference.

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