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The Southern American Studies Association is the largest, and one of the most respected regional chapters of the American Studies Association (U.S.A.). SASA, with a mailing list of over 700 and an active membership of 500, presents new developments and findings in American Studies scholarship, identified and defines areas of debate about the nature of American culture and its study, and conducts cultural and historical programs on the South and its communities. American Studies specifies an interdisciplinary investigation of American culture in order to better understand the institutional patterns, beliefs, and values of America’s pluralistic society.

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new grad-student rep on SASA’s board AND new deadline for Critoph Prize

Given the change in plans for our next biennial conference—the ASA’s southern-regional chapter will meet March 2-4, 2017, at William and Mary, rather than in North Carolina, thanks to that state’s pernicious HB2 legislation—there’s a new deadline for grad students to enter the competition for our next Critoph Prize. That deadline is still at noon on the first day of the conference, March 2, and submissions will still go to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Meanwhile, our officers and Board welcome our new graduate student representative, Matt Swiatlowski, of UNC-Chapel Hill.

Details about our org, about our biennial conferences, and about the Critoph Prize abound at our website, http://www.southernamericanstudiesassociation.org, and yes, we certainly have a presence on Facebook!—Dennis Moore, SASA’s rep on the RegionalChaps.Comm

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that pernicious legislation coming out of Mississippi

Here’s text that SASA’s president, Krystyn Moon, has posted at our Fb page, “SASA: Southern American Studies Association”:

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SASA officers and Board denounce pernicious N.C. law, HB2

The officers and Board of SASA, the Southern regional chapter of the American Studies Association, join our colleagues, friends, and fellow activists in condemning the pernicious legislation recently enacted in North Carolina that unjustly denies members of the LGBTQ community access to the basic rights that many Americans enjoy.

North Carolina’s House Bill 2, “Public Facilities Privacy and Security Act,” openly sanctions discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation by the state. Unfortunately, this law is not atypical. Despite several landmarks actions on the federal level in recent years, there is a long history of discrimination against the LGBTQ community that persists today.

We support the promotion and extension of equal rights and urge members to actively protest such discriminatory laws. SASA hopes to use our expertise and resources to create venues for constructive conversation and engagement and to collaborate with other individuals and organizations with similar goals. We also hope that such actions will lead to the end of hate-motivated violence and other forms of discrimination that negatively impacts the LGBTQ community.

Finally, we commend all individuals who have already taken a stand against discrimination based on gender identity and sexual orientation. We call on our fellow American Studies colleagues to engage in public discussions as we grapple with discrimination in all forms. North Carolina’s LGBTQ communities and their supporters need to be assured that they are not alone.

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updated CFP, SASA’s next Bienniale: mid-Mar’017 @Chapel Hill


Deadline for submitting all proposals is Friday, September 30, 2016, and details abound at http://www.southernamericanstudiesassociation.org!

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HEADS UP: SASA’ll be in Chapel Hill, mid-March ‘017!, and mean-

while, here on behalf of our president, Krystyn Moon, and our Board member who’s at the heart of preparations for our next Bienniale, Tim Marr, is a link to our CFP:


Looking forward!—Dennis Moore, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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