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New York Metro Chapter

NYMASA was revived in 1996. With over 400 members, NYMASA is dedicated to fostering a sense of community among American Studies scholars, inside and outside of the academy, from all disciplines, who live or work in the New York Area. NYMASA sponsors at least one general event each semester, and produces a newsletter, The Metro, which lists upcoming American Studies opportunities within the region.†

Our e-mail discussion list (NYMASA-L) is another way for members and others to share news of events in the area with one another. We also sponsor reading groups, writing groups, and field trips—that is, visits to performances or exhibits, with a talk and/or discussion afterward.†

We urge people interested in American Studies in the New York area to subscribe to the NYMASA e-mail list (no charge): Send a message to: majordomo@columbia.edu
with this in the message body (cut and paste it!): subscribe nymasa

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