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Academic and Community Activism Caucus
Children and Youth Studies Caucus
Critical Disability Studies Caucus
Critical Prison Studies Caucus
Digital Humanities Caucus
Early American Matters Caucus
Environment and Culture Caucus
Humor Studies Caucus
Material Culture Caucus
Performance of the Americas Caucus
Politics and Policy Caucus
Queer Caucus
Religion and American Culture Caucus
Science and Technology Caucus
Sound Studies Caucus
Sports Studies Caucus
Visual Culture Caucus
War and Peace Studies Caucus
Working Class Studies Caucus

About ASA Caucuses

Caucuses represent the populist side of the American Studies Association. The caucuses also reflect the ASA's commitment to diversity and access, as well as the vitality of the field and association. The primary purpose of a caucus should be to offer networking opportunities for its participants. Thus, caucuses should function like discussion groups in MLA and other organizations that are dedicated to a particular subject, topic, or approach.

Caucus Proposal Submissions

Standing Committee, Caucus, Taskforce, and Program Committee members are authorized and encouraged to submit session proposals. Proposals from organizations affiliated with the ASA are also welcome.

Caucus Sponsored Sessions

All Standing Committee, Taskforce, Affiliated Society and Caucus proposals must be clearly marked as such in the session title and abstract. They must be complete and submitted online by the published January Call For Proposal's deadline (12:00 am EST) in order to be considered by the Program Committee.

Program Committee Liaison to Caucuses

The President-elect and the Program Chairs shall designate a member of the Program Committee to act as Caucus Liaison, who will liaise with ASA Caucuses; follow the organization of sponsored sessions; track them through the review process; and notify the Caucus Chairs of the acceptance/rejections of sponsored sessions.