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Childhood and Youth Studies Caucus

The American Studies Association’s Childhood and Youth Studies Caucus invites all interested 2008 ASA conference attendees to attend the following four events, to be held at the annual meeting in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Oct. 16-19, in the Albquerque Convention Center.

1) Caucus-Sponsored Panel

Disability & Youth Culture: “Mental Defective” Embodiment, Special Education, and the Brain
Friday, Oct. 17, 2:00-3:45, Taos Room

Chair: Michael Bérubé (Pennsylvania State University, University Park Main Campus (PA))

Mona Gleason (University of British Columbia (Canada))
Navigating the Pedagogy of Failure: Medicine and Education Encounters the Disabled Child in English Canada, 1900-1960

Beth Ferri (Syracuse University (NY)), *David John Connor (City University of New York, Hunter College (NY))I was the special ed. girl: Urban Working-class Young Women of Color

Julie Passanante Elman (George Washington University (DC))
Normative Neurology: Disability and Teen Sexuality in the Decade of the Brain

Commentator:  Michael Bérubé

2) Related Panel of Interest

At the Crossroads of Children’s Studies and American Studies: Intersections, Possibilities, Challenges
Saturday, Oct. 18, 10-11:45, Tijeras Room

Chair: Carol J. Singley (Rutgers University, Camden (NJ))
Presenter: Anna Mae Duane (University of Connecticut (CT))
Presenter: Paula S. Fass (University of California, Berkeley (CA))
Presenter: Lucia Hodgson (University of Southern California (CA))
Presenter: Caroline F. Levander (Rice University (TX))
Presenter: Karen Sánchez-Eppler (Amherst College (MA))

3) Related Panel of Interest

Coloring Outside the Lines: Performing Race in Children’s Books
Saturday, Oct. 18, 12:00-1:45, Santa Ana Room

Chair: Cecelia Tichi (Vanderbilt University (TN))

Jennifer A. Hughes (Emory University (GA))
The Right to Laugh: Children, Race, and Humorous Publication in Antebellum America

Michelle H. Martin (Clemson University (SC))
Performing Race, Performing Music & Black Identity: The Sad-Faced Boys of Arna Bontemps

Philip Nel (Kansas State University (KS))
The Black Cat in the Hat: Seuss and Race in the 1950s

4) Annual Business Meeting of the Childhood and Youth Studies Caucus

Thursday, Oct. 16, 11:45-1:15, Nambe Room

For further information or to join our caucus, please visit our website at http://www.theasa.net/caucus_youth/
or e-mail the caucus organizers, Bill Bush (william.bush@tamuk.edu) and Adam Golub (agolub@fullerton.edu).

Caucus-related events at 2007 ASA:

1) Business Meeting of the Childhood and Youth Studies Caucus

WHEN? Saturday, Oct. 13, 12-1:30, Rm. 501

2) “Childhood and Youth Studies: Surveying an Emerging Interdisciplinary Field.”

“Breakfast of Champions” Roundtable Panel for Graduate Students, co-sponsored with the ASA Students’ Committee

Panel Participants:

Paula Fass, UC-Berkeley; Myra Bluebond-Langner, Rutgers University; William Bush, UNLV

WHEN?  Saturday, Oct. 13, 8 AM, Salon CD.

3) Keywords in the Historical Study of Children and Youth

Chair: Lynne Vallone, Department of Childhood Studies, Rutgers U.

Panel Participants:

“Character”:  Jay Mechling, American Studies, U. of California, Davis

“Innocence”: Leslie Paris, History, U. of British Columbia

“Consumer Culture”:  Daniel Thomas Cook, Department of Childhood Studies,

Rutgers U.

“Politics”: Julia Mickenberg, American Studies, U. of Texas-Austin

Comment: Lynne Vallone, Department of Childhood Studies, Rutgers U.

WHEN? Friday, Oct. 12, 2-3:45, Rm. 412

4) Forty Years of Juvenile Justice Studies in North America: Revisiting Anthony M. Platt’s _The Child Savers_ (1969, 1977)

Chair: Miroslava Chavez-Garcia, Chicana/o Studies, U. of California, Davis

Panel Participants:

Anthony M. Platt, School of Social Work, California State U., Sacramento

Mary Odem, Women’s Studies and History, Emory University

Tamara Myers, History, U. of British Columbia

Geoff Ward, College of Criminal Justice, Northeastern U.

William Bush, History, U. of Nevada-Las Vegas

Comment: The Audience

WHEN?  Friday, Oct. 12, 8-9:45, Rm. 412

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