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CFP: Keywords Roundtable, 2013

Hello fellow WPSCers—

I’ve agreed to David’s request that I organize the keywords session roundtable, which came up as a prospect at the caucus meeting in PR in November.

I’ll paste David summary below for folks (like me) who weren’t able to attend the meeting itself:

·    “Keywords for Studying War and Peace ” We think that four years after our very successful ‘Studying War in Peace in American Studies / Studying America by Studying War and Peace roundtable at the 2009 ASA is a good time to revisit some of the foundational questions about how the study of war and peace intersects with the larger American Studies Project. We propose a roundtable in which presenters will briefly present ideas about how critical keywords in American Studies ” Empire, Human Rights, Environment, Peace, Technology, Trauma, Neoliberalism, and others ” intersect with the study of war. We invite ideas about keywords and participants.”

I’d like to reserve the keyword(s) ‘human rights,’ unless somebody else feels strongly attached to it, in which case I could do either ‘race,’ or ‘technology’.  Bob Marzec has asked to cover ‘environment’.  So that’s two down.

Can I ask for at least two others from our caucus to complete the roundtable, two additional folks who might claim one of the key words that David lists above and that I gather circulated w/ some interest (maybe even tentative commitment?) at the meeting in PR?

We’ll also need a Chair for the session.  Anybody?

Please let me know by the end of the week—say, Monday, 12/17—if you would, just so I can fix a roster.  I’d like to get the complete proposal to ASA by 1/15.



By Mike Hill, Tue, December 11, 2012 - 11:13 pm

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