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Aiden Gleisberg
D Tahmahkera
Mark A. Layser
Rob Lancefield
Virginia Myhaver
Hector Amaya
Anne-Marie Angelo
sampada aranke
Joe Austin
Georgia B. Barnhill
Erin Royston Battat
Alexis Boylan
David Brody
Simon J. Bronner
Jessica B. Burstrem
Clarissa Ceglio
Joe Cialdella
Joseph Clark
Beth Corzo-Duchardt
Lorraine M. Cox
Stacey McCarroll Cutshaw
Leah Dilworth
Erika Doss
L.A. Duck
Erina Duganne
Finis Dunaway
Christopher Eng
Joey Eschrich
Kathleen Fitzpatrick
Charity Fox
Alisha Gaines
Laura Goldblatt
Holly Markovitz Goldstein
Rebecca M. Gordon
Jonathan Gray
Victoria M Grieve
Andrea Gustavson
Grace Hale
Peter Hales
Jeffreen Hayes
Danielle Heard
Jason E. Hill
Ai Hisano
Steven Hoelscher
Carole Holden
. Clotilde Houchon
Stefka Hristova
Amy Hughes
Elizabeth Hutchinson
Michael Johnson Jr.
Andrew Jones
Joy Kasson
C Kee
Laura Cook Kenna
Carly Kocurek
Christopher Kramaric
Jerry Krase
arido laksono
Judith Yaross Lee
Thabiti Lewis
John A. Loughney
Nenette Luarca-Shoaf
Christopher Lukasik
Lilly Marsh
Maurie McInnis
Sarah Melton
Christina Meyer
Charlie Mitchell
Scott Morgensen
Philip Nel
Andrew Nelson
Megan Kate Nelson
Rebecca Onion
John Ott
Andrea Pappas
Rachel Afi Quinn
Cheryl Ragar
Melissa Renn
Mark Rice
Stephen P. Rice
Breanne Robertson
Michelle Robinson
Ariana Ruiz
A Joan Saab
Lara Saguisag
J Scheper
Laura Isabel Serna
Gwendolyn Shaw
Tanya Sheehan
Sarah J Smorol
Kevin Christopher Snow
Maren Stange
Tobias Steiner
Matt Thomas
Rod Thomas
Kirsten Thompson
Esther T Thyssen
Nirmal Trivedi
Sue Tyson
Lisa Uddin
Julie Thi Underhill
Robin Veder
Priscilla Wald
Alan Wallach
Laura Wexler
Catherine Whalen
Mabel Wilson
Jennifer Wingate
Justin Wolff
Elizabeth Wolfson
Daniel Worden
Tracy Wuster
Janet Zandy
Mary Peterson Zundo
Catherine Zuromskis

The following people are administrators of this group:

Andrea Gustavson
Robin Veder

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Visual Culture Caucus

2013 Call for Participation: Visual Culture/Art History Caucus

Deadline: January 10, 2013

The Visual Culture Caucus of the American Studies Association (ASA) invites submissions of individual paper abstracts and panel abstracts for editorial assistance and for caucus sponsorship at the next ASA meeting in Washington, D.C., on November 21-24, 2013.

For paper abstracts and session proposals sent by January 10, the Programming Committee of the Visual Culture Caucus can offer critical feedback and facilitate networking among scholars who are looking for session participants, chairs, or commentators. We encourage scholars to submit panel CFPs to our Works in Progress webpage, accessible through our caucus blog (http://www.theasa.net/caucus_visual/). Any ASA member may join the caucus by clicking on the registration column on the blog homepage (requires ASA username and password).

The caucus also invites preformed panels to submit bids for sponsorship by January 10. Caucus sponsorship does not guarantee acceptance by the ASA, but it can improve a panel’s chances of acceptance. Please do so by submitting a full packet of panel and paper abstracts. Submitting a panel for sponsorship is not the same as submitting a panel to the ASA; please be advised that both are necessary. Session proposals should explore historical, theoretical, and/or methodological issues in American visual culture, which includes (but is not limited to) prints, photography, painting, sculpture, comics/graphic novels, illustrated books, film, television, digital media, and a wide range of practices of looking.  Our criteria are: attention to the visual (not merely using images to illustrate other ideas); potential to contribute new scholarship to American Studies; interdisciplinarity; and compliance with the 2013 conference theme of “Beyond the Logic of Debt, Toward an Ethics of Collective Dissent” (see: http://www.theasa.net/annual_meeting/page/submit_a_proposal/).

Submit materials to Robin Veder, Chair of the Visual Culture Caucus, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

By Robin Veder, Wed, December 05, 2012 - 10:40 am

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