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Science and Technology Caucus

The Science and Technology Caucus provides a community for scholars interested in the interdisciplinary study of science and technology within and beyond American culture.

The Caucus was formed in 2006 to build on the enthusiastic reception of the special technology issue of the American Quarterly (September 2006) and on the positive feedback that the “science and technology” panels received at the 2006 ASA in Oakland. The Caucus endeavors to encourage more discussion of science and technology at ASA meetings, both nationally and regionally.

As American Studies scholars, we believe it is imperative that we interrogate the place of science and technology within American culture, broadly defined. Scientific and technological objects, practices, and debates - from evolution to stem cell research to nuclear energy to hybrid cars - inform our conversations about globalization, politics, religion, gender, race, progress, and health, as well as highlight key issues of American identity. As a Caucus, we encourage discussion of these issues within our field, paying particular attention to their local, national and global ramifications.

We started a new listserv on Google groups for the caucus in December 2011. If you would like to join our caucus listserv, please look for “ASA Science & Technology Caucus” on Google groups and request to join.

Caucus liaisons: Kathleen Brian (kmbrian@gwmail.gwu.edu), Sarah McCullough (smcc@ucsd.edu), and Elena Razlogova (elena.razlogova@gmail.com)

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