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Critical Prison Studies Caucus

2014 Critical Prison Studies caucus events at ASA Los Angeles

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Offsite Event:
Book party with CPS members
and others!
Thu, Nov 6 9-11 pm Mas Malo 515 W 7th St

CPS Caucus Business meeting
Fri, Nov 7 4-5:45 pm La Cienega L1

Offsite panel and party with Californians United for a Responsible Budget
Sat, Nov 8 7-9 pm LACAN 838 E 6th St

Californians United for a Responsible Budget FUNdraiser
Sat, Nov 9 10pm-2am, Los Angeles Brewing Company

“He’d better play, or I’ll work him”: Race, Class, and the Pathologizing of Childhood Fun
Anna Mae Duane, Erica Meiners, Lucia Hodgson
Thu, Nov 6 8-9:45 am San Gabriel C

Global Lockdown: Policing and Protest from the Americas to the Middle East
Tamara Spira, Elliott Young, Elana Zilberg, Kelly Lytle Hernandez, Micol Seigel
Thu Nov 6 10-11:45 am Santa Monica A

Teaching against the prison industrial complex through (ambivalent) spaces of possibility
Shana Agid, Liat Ben- Moshe, Gillian Harkins
Thu, Nov 6 2-3:45 pm San Gabriel B

Carceral Bodies
Craig Willse, Elizbaeth Steeby, Colby Lenz, Kyera Singleton, Jesse Carr
Thu, Nov 6 2-3:45 pm Santa Barbara A

Criminal Pleasures, Legitimate Fun, and the Racialization of Enjoyment
Thomas Dichter, Khadijah White, Micaela Smith, Eric Stanley
Fri, Nov 7 8-9:45 am Santa Monica B

Our History is no Mystery: Community Organizing and State Violence
Ericka Huggins, Carlos Montes, Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz, Mo Nishida, Claude Marks
Fri, Nov 7 12-1:45 pm San Gabriel C

Incarceration and Resistance: Pleasure and Pain in the Global Prison Complex
David Loyd, Martha Escobar, Sahar Francis, Patricia Penn Hilden, Nasser Hussain, Denise Ferriera da Silva
Fri, Nov 7 2-3:45 pm San Fernando L1

The Politics of Feeling: Social and Affective Dimensions of Education, Political Movements, and State Violence
Jennifer Casolo, Wendy Cheng, Araceli Esparza, Claudia Garriga López, Imani Kai Johnson
Fri, Nov 7 4-5:45 pm San Pedro L1

The Mass Media’s Carceral Imaginary
Alan Pike, Lindsay Davis, Thomas E. Moomjy, Caleb Smith
Sat, Nov 8 10-11:45 am San Fernando L1

The Ferociy and Fun of Fighting the PIC: Community Organizing from LA to NY
Paula Ioanide, Felice Blake, Ashley Franklin, Diana Zuñiga, Ofelia Ortiz Cuevas
Sat, Nov 8 12-1:45 pm Santa Barbara C

America’s Brown Sites: Connecting the Domestic War on Terror and Immigration Detention
Alejandra Marchevsky, Jeanne Theoharis, Anna Akbar, Pardiss Kebriaei, Rabia Ahsin, Daniel Carillo
Sat, Nov 8 12-1:45 pm Santa Barbara A

Keywords in Critical Prison Studies I
Rob Scott, Avery Gordon, Treva Ellison, Elissa Underwood, Beth Richie, Zoe Hammer, Ruthie Wilson Gilmore
Sat, Nov 8 2-3:45 pm Beaudry A

Keywords in Critical Prison Studies II
Eli Vitulli Anoop Mipuri, Emily Thuma, Melissa Burch, David Stein, Dylan Rodriguez, Rachel Herzing, Rebecca Hill, Angela Y. Davis
Sat, Nov 8 4-5:45pm Beaudry A

Guilty Pleasures: Enjoyment, Innocence, and the Affective Dimensions of Mass Imprisonment
Joshua Mitchell, Stephen Dillon, Andrew Dilts, Sarah Haley
Sun, Nov 9 8-9:45 am San Gabriel C

The Perils of Pity and Punishment: Race, Regulation, and the Rise of the Carceral State
Mooh Ho Jung, Jordan Camp, Naomi Murakawa, Betsy Esch
Sun, Nov 9 10-11:45 am Los Feliz L1

Profit and Pleasure in Prison Expansion
Jack Norton, Brett Story, Alison Kanosky, Andrea Morrell, Rashad Shabazz
Sun, Nov 9 10-11:45 am Santa Anita A

Fury of the Oppressed: Fifty Years of California Anti-Prison Organizing
Diana Block, Dolores Canales, David Johnson, Emily Harris, Mike Davis, Dan Berger
Sun, Nov 9 12-1:45 pm Beaudry B

Freedom’s Movements, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Rock the Prison Empire
Laura McTighe, Jenna Loyd, Evan Bissell, Pascal Emmer, Melinda Chateauvert
Sun, Nov 9 2-3:45 pm San Gabriel B

The Critical Prison Studies Caucus is a network of American Studies scholars who oppose the continued centrality of prisons and share a commitment to challenging regimes of criminalization and punishment on local, national, and global scales. We advance a combination of research and practice that connects the production and dissemination of knowledge on incarceration to concrete work for prison industrial complex abolition and radical democracy.

By Anoop Mirpuri, Tue, October 21, 2014 - 4:32 pm

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