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Critical Prison Studies Caucus

Critical Prison Studies Events and Panels at the ASA 2013 in Washington, DC

EVENT:  MYTHBUSTERS MIXER Friday 10-11:45, Hilton Monroe (C)
  Come participate in small group discussions around key questions in anti-carceral studies. To prepare ourselves to be myth-busters in public media and teaching, we’ll build consensus, organize arguments, questions, and data!   Followed by the caucus BUSINESS MEETING 11-11:45.
Questions:  1. What is the relationship between state funding, general efforts at privatization and the prison-industrial complex?  2.  What role does the labor of prisoners play in the PIC and in the U.S. economy?  3. Does having a prison in your town benefit the town and cause the economy to grow 4. What are the alternatives to prison that prison abolitionists argue for?  Do prison abolitionists ever call the police?  Do prison abolitionists want to free violent criminals from prison or only drug offenders?  5. What is the impact of stop and frisk policing on the growth of prisons? And finally, we’ll have a roundtable discussion on the topic…what are some urgent questions about the PIC that scholars might want to address and what is being said on these questions in the media?

PARTY Saturday 8:00-10:00p, Local 16 Bar, 1602 U Street NW
No cover; free drink to first fifty guests
Sponsors:  American Studies and Ethnicity, University of Southern California; Department of Ethnic Studies, University of California, Riverside; Indiana University Global Moral Panics Working Group; Department of African American Studies, Temple University; Carceral Geographies Course Threat, University of California, Berkeley.  Thanks, sponsors!


Excavating the Roots of the Carceral State: Black Freedom Struggles and White Resistance, 1955-1965, Thu 12:00-1:45p Hilton Lincoln West (C). Laura Liu, David Stein, Stuart Schrader.

Downsizing Prisons or a Jubilee for Debts to Society, Thu 2:00-3:45p Hilton Lincoln East (C). Ruth Wilson Gilmore, Hakim Ali, Soffiyah Elijah, Emily Harris, Dan Berger, Craig Gilmore.  Caucus sponsored panel.

A Critical Look At Funding For Prison Education Programs, Fri 8:00-9:45a Hilton E - Embassy (T).  Simone Davis, Robert Scott, Jenifer Drew, Barbara Roswell, Rebecca Ginsburg.

Prison Abolition and the Queer Commons, Sun 8:00-9:45a Hilton G1 - Gunston West (T).  Dean Spade, Elias Walker Vitulli, Pooja Gehi, Eric A. Stanley, Treva Ellison, Darby Hickey, Ralowe Ampu, Che Gossett.

Security States and Global Governance, Sun 10:00-11:45a Hilton C - Cardozo (T). Alison J Kanosky, Rana M Jaleel, Simone Browne, Ronak K Kapadia, James Kyung-Jin Lee.

Deficiency, Debt, and Deportation: The Carceral Space of Migrant Removal, Sun 10:00-11:45a Hilton A - Albright (T). Ethan Blue [Yasuo Sakakibara Prizewinning paper], Tanya Golash-Boza, David Hernandez, Jenna M. Loyd, Mae M. Ngai.

The Debt Financing of Mass Incarceration: Prison Profiteering in High Financial Times, Sun 10:00-11:45a Hilton F2 - Fairchild East (T). Anoop Mirpuri, Jack Norton, Micol Seigel, Brett Story, Kerwin Kaye.  Caucus sponsored panel.

Slavery, Trafficking, and Criminalization: Using Historical Metaphors to Assess Interlocking Systems of Oppression, Sun 12:00-1:45p Hilton Cabinet (C). Lyndsey Beutin, Christina Pruett, Jasmine N Salters, Jane Gordon.

Confronting Carceral America: Activist Responses to the Punitive Logics of Debt, Sun 12:00-1:45p Hilton F2 - Fairchild East (T). Lindsay Davis, Lydia Pelot-Hobbs, Marisol Lebron, Elissa Underwood, Heather Ann Thompson.

Activist Responses to the Policing of Sex in DC, Sun 12:00-1:45p Hilton F1 - Fairchild West (T). Elijah Aidv Edelman, Ruby Corado, Debbie McMillan, Jason Terry, Meredith Zoltick.  ASA Site Resources Committee Panel.

Carceral Logics, Anti-Violence Politics, and Abolitionist Practices, Sun 2:00-3:45p Hilton F1 - Fairchild West (T). Rachel Herzing, Priya Kandaswamy, Mimi Kim, Erica Meiners, Emily Thuma.

By Rebecca Hill, Mon, October 28, 2013 - 10:44 am

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