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Critical Prison Studies Caucus

Critical Prison Studies Caucus Events in Puerto Rico

Thursday, November 15


2-3:45 p.m., Convention Center, 102A
Caleb Smith (Chair), Kaveh Landsverk, Nathan Ragain, James Deutsch, Rachel Margerethe Peterson
Friday, November 16

From Black Power to Prison Power: What does 
Jones v. North Carolina Prisoners’ Labor Union mean for Black Studies and Critical Prison Studies today?  

10-11:45 a.m., Convention Center 208B
P. Khalil Saucier, Donald F. Tibbs, Rashad Shabazz, Tryon P. Woods (Chair).

Prison Movements, Epistemology, and Social Change

2-3:45 p.m., Convention Center 102A
Anoop Mirpuri (Chair), Sonia Lee, Stuart Smithers, Tamara Spira, Lucia Trimbur

Abolition Undercommons

4-5:45 p.m., Convention Center 102A
Shana Agid, Erica Meiners (Chair), Sora Han, David Stein

A Century of Resistance to US Empire: Puerto Rican Independence, Incarceration, and Intergenerational Continuity

4-5:45 p.m., Puerto Rico Convention Center, 103 A Avery Gordon (chair), Rafael Cancel Miranda, Jose Lopez, Johanna Fernandez

Saturday, November 17

ASA Program Committee: Dimensions of Empire and
 Resistance: The Nineteenth Century Prison

10-11:45 p.m., Convention Center 103B
Khalil Gibran Muhammad (Chair), Mary Ellen Curtin, Lee Bernstein, Talitha L. LeFlouria, Daniel S. Chard, Emahunn Raheem Ali Campbell

Prison Abolition and Teaching Inside Carceral 

12-1:45 p.m., Convention Center 103B
Naomi Murakawa (Chair), Gillian Harkins, Rob Scott, Simone Weil Davis, Gwendelyn Ballew

Critical Prison and Carceral State Studies: Current 
Scholarship and New Directions 

2-3:45 p.m., Convention Center 103B
Heather Ann Thompson (Chair), Regina Kunzel, Donna Murch, Joy A. James, Melanie Newport, Elizabeth Kai Hinton, Elissa Underwood, Julilly Kohler-Hausmann, Jessica Neptune, Robert T. Chase

Prisoners of Empire: Puerto Rican Political Prisoners and Resisting U.S. Colonialism 

4-5:45 p.m., Convention Center 103B
Dan Berger (Chair), Elizam Escobar, Jose Paralitici Gonzalez, Jan Susler

Sunday, November 18
Prisons, Policing and U.S. Empire: Cold War Crucible

8-9:45 a.m., Convention Center 102C
Alan Eladio Gomez (Chair), Stuart Schrader, Yumi Lee, Micol Seigel, Toussaint Losier, Martha Huggins

By Micol Seigel, Tue, October 30, 2012 - 2:31 pm

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