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Early American Matters Caucus

“EARLY AMERICAN MATTERS” Caucus within the American Studies Association

A question that this title raises is “By ‘early,’ do you mean pre-1900?  Prior to the so-called American Renaissance?  pre-1800?  Maybe even pre-European contact?,” and a legitimate answer would be Yes, as in Yes to all of the above.

We know that a number of our colleagues who attend A.S.A. conferences—as well as many more prospective participants—have research interests touching on those earlier periods. We know that alongside the re-invigoration of American Studies during the past two decades there has been a flourishing of interdisciplinary attention to America before the Civil War, before the Revolutionary War, before slavery came to the English colonies, before there were European colonies throughout these continents.  We know too that many of today’s most fiercely contested issues have their sources in the first two centuries of European settlement.  We also know that as scholarship flourishes around such questions and issues, it not only crosses these fairly arbitrary temporal boundaries (1900, the 1850s, 1800, and so on) but also takes us across traditional disciplinary lines.

We also know, alas, that for the past decade and more, the programs of A.S.A. conferences have included a paucity of matters early American.  For us, matters include everything from the material culture of pre-European contact archeology to the pseudo-scientific racial theories of the antebellum decades; in short, we look at matters textual, ideological, material, and historical.  Another question, then, suggests itself:

  Shouldn’t the A.S.A.‘s menu of caucuses include one
  whose title bears these keywords EARLY and MATTERS?

We say Yes, and we relish that prospect.  Why don’t you Join Us? Why don’t you Sign-Up for our e-mail list-serve?

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RECEPTION / MIXER 5:00-7:00 Friday, Nov. 18, in Denver

Along with sponsoring the two panels that our Caucus’s members chose via that ballot back in April—yep, the ballot listing all sixteen of the early-American-flavored* sessions that this year’s Program.Comm had already accepted for this year’s conference!—we’re again co-hosting a RECEPTION / MIXER. It’ll be 5:00-7:00 p.m. Friday, November 18, at MARLOWE’S (501 16th St., Denver), and our co-hosts again this year are the Environment and Culture Caucus and the A.S.A.‘s southern-regional chapter, d/b/a “SASA.”

*Meanwhile, figuring out when and where those early-American-flavored sessions will be begins by typing “Early American” into the “Search for events or participants” slot at the A.S.A. website.

Looking forward—.(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), our Caucus’s co-choreographer along with .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Early American Matters Caucus’ll sponsor these 2 sessions at Denver

Thanks to everyone who returned ballots in our recent voting, via the Early American Matters Caucus’s listserve! Among the 16 early-American-flavored panels already on the program at this November’s A.S.A. conference in Denver, our Caucus is sponsoring these two—

“The Anatomy of Home: Early American Bodies,” with papers by Melissa Adams-Campbell, Carla Cevasco, Rebecca Rosen and Amanda Stuckey; Cristobal will chair and serve as commentator.
“Colloquy with Elizabeth Maddock Dillon on _New World Drama: The Performative Commons in the Atlantic World, 1648-1849_,” with Cory Capers, Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, Duncan Faherty, Bob Fanuzzi, Dan Hutchins, Peter Reed and Shirley Samuels as panelists and with Dennis Moore as moderator—and with members of the audience as Respondents.

—and it turns out there’s more: in addition to accepting those 16 panel proposals, each of which included “early American,” “eighteenth century” or “nineteenth century” as a keyword, the program committee also constructed 13 other early-American-flavored sessions from individual paper proposals that had at least one of those keywords.

WATCH FOR FURTHER WORD about the reception we’re again co-hosting with the Environment and Culture Caucus, again with generous support from the American Antiquarian Society. Last year’s reception, at Toronto, coincided with the southern-regional chapter’s mixer, and we’re planning mixer and reception together again, this time around!

—Dennis Moore, co-choreographer (with Sari Altschuler) of the Early American Matters Caucus

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getting the ball rolling: early-American-flavored proposalS for the ‘016 A.S.A.

Good morning, and noodge noodge: there’s a cool link at this screen—http://www.theasa.net/topic_networking—that lets us post a description of a panel we’re going to propose for the Denver A.S.A. I did so a short while ago, and I’ve gotten an automated message saying “Done,” so I went to the URL above, and there it is, one of a handful so far. FYI, the paragraph I posted begins like so—

“Cooking up an interdisciplinary roundtable on
Elizabeth Maddock Dillon’s NEW WORLD DRAMA. . .”

—and ends as you’d expect: “. . .and to inquire about being part of this proposal, please e-mail me BY JANUARY 12. . . .” Yep, there’s quite the element of Tick-Tock involved!, as we slide toward the hollydays, surrounded by blue books and various deadlines and fearmongering mixed in with all the commercials, and then toward that notoriously unforgiving deadline for turning the actual proposal in!, so do let’s all be thinking about absolutely first-rate panels that’ll help maintain a certain early-American flavor in these fine and, yeah, by-default presentist conferences!  Just sayin’—D.M.

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that reception we’re co-sponsoring again with the E+C Caucus, and

and there’s so much to look forward to at next week’s A.S.A.! Meanwhile, here’s text that materialized earlier today at the EARLY AMERICAN MATTERS Caucus’s Facebook page—

NEXT WEEK’s A.S.A. in Toronto will have a bunch of early-American-flavored moments, as you’ll see in the update that’s now on display at our low-tech website, http://www.earlyamericanmatters.fsu.edu. Please note:

<> our Business Meeting will be on Saturday, Oct. 10, but not at 8:00 [a.m.] as originally scheduled; instead we'll meet at 11:30 (so yeah, please watch [at our Facebook page] and at the website for details about where : )

<> meanwhile, yep, once again we’re hosting a fine RECEPTION / CASH BAR with our friends in the Environment and Culture Caucus, on whose behalf York University’s Faculty of Environmental Studies is co-sponsoring this year’s event, along with the American Antiquarian Society! Won’t you join us?

—and as for the location of this year’s Reception / Cash Bar, which’ll be Friday beginning at 4:30, it’s at EPICURE, 502 Queen St., W, http://www.theepicure.ca. Looking forward,—Dennis Moore, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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joint reception this October in Toronto

Again this year, the Early American Matters Caucus and the Environment and Culture Caucus are staging a joint reception at the big A.S.A. conference: Friday, October 9, 4:30-6:30 at Epicure (502 W. Queen St. W, http://www.theepicure.ca). Again this year, Paul Erickson has arranged for the American Antiquarian Society to be a major underwriter—and this year our pals in the E+C Caucus are getting York University’s Faculty of EnvironmentalStudies to co-sponsor this event! Many thanks to Sari Altschuler, now of Emory U., who has helped figure out the logistics, in her role as our caucus’s co-choreographer.  Looking forward!

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